This will change the way you think about the dentist

Most people dread going to the dentist. This company is trying to change that. Started 4 years ago, Opencare is on a mission to change the way people find, book and interact with healthcare – starting with dentistry.

The way it works is simple. Patients visit the website, answer a series of questions and get presented with a list of vetted, high-quality dentists in their area that they can book instantly (similar to the Airbnb booking system). Something that separates Opencare from many of its competitors is the amount of vetting that happens before practices are allowed on the platform. Each dentist gets visited in person by an Opencare employee, checked for malpractice, and has to meet certain criteria around insurance acceptance, availability, location etc. As a result, the platform only works with the top 10% of dentists in a given location, ensuring positive patient experience.

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Getting people excited about dentistry is no small feat, which is why the company has given away over $2.5million in rewards to new patients since launch. “Patient rewards are an integral part of our strategy – we want patients to feel good about taking care of their oral health,” says COO and Co-Founder Cameron Howieson.

The company is based out of Toronto and counts over 50 employees who serve Toronto, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Seattle, and Chicago, with more US markets slated to launch later this year.

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The Oral Care Routine of a Celebrity Chef

Samin Nosrat loves going to the dentist. “As a chef, I need to make sure my mouth is squeaky clean at all times so when I taste my food, I know its tasting right!” According to Nosrat, oral health is something often overlooked by both foodie and chefs alike and can make a real difference when it comes to the taste of your food.

Samin gave us some of her top tips for getting the most out of your next meal.

Tip #1 – Be Thorough

When it comes to brushing your teeth, many people rush through it. It’s important to take your time and make sure your spending at least 30 seconds per quadrant of your mouth for a total of 2 minutes. While not only good for your oral health (cavity prevention!), this ensures that your mouth and pallet are fully cleansed and ready for the next meal.

Tip #2 – See the Dentist Regularly

Most people hate going to the dentist, but Nosrat loves it. She loves the feeling of coming out afterward knowing her teeth are squeaky clean and that her mouth is healthy. Especially for a chef – but even for foodies – having a healthy mouth and clean teeth are critical to making the most out of every meal. Easiest way to do that? See a dentist! Don’t know where to start? Opencare does the work for you and connects you with a great, verified local dentist near you.

Tip #3- Get an Electric Toothbrush

“When I made the switch from manual to electric, my dentist noticed immediately!” Samin says. Not only will your dentist notice, but so will your mouth and tastebuds. Electric toothbrushes are really good and getting to places in your mouth where you might not otherwise reach. Many toothbrushes come with a timer, so you can know you’ve spent enough time brushing. Your tastebuds will thank you!

Tip #4 – Cleanse Your Palate Before Tasting

Anything you put into your mouth stimulates your taste buds and sometimes the taste of one thing has a considerable effect on the flavor of the next thing. Therefore, to get the most out of a meal, its to cleanse your palate between courses or after spicy foods. Between courses, apples, celery or a very mild sorbet will do the trick. When it comes to spicy foods, a piece of bread should be enough.

Tip #5 – Make It a Habit

Oral care is not a one and done situation. If you want to get the most out of every meal, make sure you’re taking care of your mouth daily. This means brushing and flossing twice daily and taking the time to do it each and every time – don’t rush!  Your tastebuds will thank you and so will your dentist!

So remember, if you want to make the most of your next meal, make sure you’re taking care of your mouth!

Your tastebuds will thank you🙂

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Tips on how to break up with your dentist

Breakups can be awkward and dentistry is no exception. But sometimes a clean break is exactly what you need to give your teeth the care they deserve.

So to help you avoid the same messy split you and your college sweetheart went through, we put together a few tips on how to break up with your dentist:

Obtain Your Dental Records:
If you’ve recently gotten x-rays at your old dentist or they have records that might be useful for your new dentist, your top priority should be to obtain a copy of your dental records. Access to these records provides the new dentist with valuable health history and treatment info. And, it may also allow you to skip what can be costly procedures such as getting a new, full set of x-rays, as there may already be a recent set on file.

Patients can have their records sent directly to the new dentist or to themselves. We suggest calling your old dentist or email their office to avoid having to face your ex directly.

Finding a New Dentist:
There are several resources available when searching for a dentist but at Opencare we are biased towards our own. Before choosing a new dentist, we suggest doing your research to figure out a few things:

Insurance: The biggest headache that comes from finding a new dentist is whether they are in-network. Luckily at Opencare, we collect your insurance information so that you only get recommended in-network providers.

Reviews: Do your own research on the dentist and see what others are saying about them. Review sites, such as Google and Yelp can be a helpful indicator as to how the experience will be. We actually aggregate reviews directly from these sites and combine them with our own to make your life easier.

We’re also proud to only work with the top rated 10% of dentists in your area based on these reviews so that we don’t send you to a sub-par dentist.

Availability: As you might remember with your ex, finding time to see each other can be painful and feel like a waste of time. Make sure that your dentist has time for you, when you are free to see THEM.

Opencare has calendar integrations with all of our dentists so you can see their calendars and book a time that fits your schedule.

The Perks: Where’s the fun in having a partner without the perks?

These days, dentists offer awesome amenities such as Netflix, beverages, massage chairs, you name it! Your mouth is important and it should be treated to a 5-star experience whenever its time to visit a dentist. Make sure when you are looking for a new dentist not to compromise on what’s important to you in the relationship.

So remember, breakup quickly and go find yourself someone that deserves YOU!

Your mouth is special and should be treated like it 🙂

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