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Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


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Hi I am Dr. Clay Kosinko and I would like to welcome you to Health First Family Chiropractics "OPENCARE" listing. What we are is a Family Wellness Practice. We provide a corrective style of chiropractic care, which essentially means that, our job is to improve the function of the spine and the nervous system so we can achieve optimum function within the body. We offer gentle chiropractic adjustments for infants, instrument adjusting to help with the correction of subluxation, traditional hands on adjusting and table assisted adjusting. And I say that so people realize that it’s not a one size fits all people approach. We specialize and use a specific technique for every individual. We have a saying that we use in the office with our practice members and it is that…we don’t get healthy by chance, we get healthy by choice. By consistently making the right choices and having the knowledge and the resources available to put those choices into action, it literally allows us to transform our health – not only for ourselves but for our children. It is our hope that our website becomes a resource for you and your family to go to, to get information to keep yourself healthy and well. We also hope our website is an area for you to connect with us to get to know who we are and what Health First Family Chiropractic is about and what our goals are. What we focus on at Health First Family Chiropractic is not only getting you well but keeping people well for a lifetime.

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