Find the top-rated chiropractors in Alameda

Radiant Life Chiropractic

512 Westline Drive, Suite 300, Alameda, CA 94501
Radiant Life Chiropractic clinic introduces its cutting edge approach to Alameda chiropractic recipients: their advanced training in Bio-Geometric Integration which embodies contemporary quantum science while honoring the ancient wisdom of the body. Alameda chiropractor, Dr. Ron Mutch of Radiant Life encourages nutritional training and offers comprehensive nutritional evaluation with a custom-designed program to fit one's health profile.

Bay Area Spine Care Office

1201 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
Bay Area Spine Care Office is a top-notch Alameda chiropractic clinic to go to for chiropractic needs. The Alameda chiropractor in this office, Dr. David Basco, addresses the underlying cause of the pain and movement dysfunction before recommending the proper approach. He is very effective at helping individuals with a variety of conditions including sciatica, pinched nerve in back and muscle spasms in the neck.

Alameda Chiropractic Center

2543 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
Visit Alameda Chiropractic Center where patients are being encouraged to learn the chiropractic way in a team-like effort to create a healthy and effective healing environment. Piloted by no other than Dr. Steven Heller, an outstanding Alameda Chiropractor, help with pain and discomfort from all types of causes is readily available. He motivates his patients to learn more about wellness - incorporating exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

San Jose Family Health Services Inc

2033 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
This San Jose Family Health Services Inc is the only Alameda Chiropractic office that has been serving families for over a decade of health and wellness. Their back injury specialists provide quality chiropractic care in a loving and friendly atmosphere. The clinic's dedicated and warm Alameda chiropractor Mike San Jose, along with his responsive staff guide the patients to health and wellness in the most enjoyable manner as possible.

Euleta Johnson's Practice

2252 Encinal Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501
This premier Alameda Chiropractor, Euleta Johnson helps ease pain and discomfort from all types of causes including sciatica, back spasms, stiff neck and headaches. She designs top-of-the-line treatment regimens in proper movement techniques and exercises along with nutrition education to restore physical flexibility and vitality and prevent problems in the future. Visit her Alameda Chiropractic center and discover a better lifestyle.

Brown Chiropractic Healthcare

2241 Central Avenue, Suite C, Alameda, CA 94501
Brown Chiropractic Healthcare is a full chiropractic facility that offers adjustments, physical therapy and massage. Its Alameda Chiropractor helps with pain and discomfort from all types of causes including sciatica, back spasms, stiff neck, and headaches. The whole Alameda chiropractic team makes use of proven techniques and equipment in addition to customized methods based on the patient's specific needs.

Steven Forest's Practice

2232 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
This leading Alameda chiropractor, Steven Forest, focuses on his patient’s delicate nervous system as it either directly or indirectly controls every cell in the human body. He has been serving the East Bay community since 1980. A visit with Dr. Forest in his Alameda chiropractic clinic can help patients reverse the effects of injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and bad lifting habits.

Harbaor Bay Chiropractic

1151 Harbor Bay Pkwy, Suite 127, Alameda, CA 94502
Serving more than 30 years now, this Alameda chiropractic clinic of Dr. Kimball Wong deals specifically with the spine and nervous system to ensure the brain is communicating with every cell, tissue, organ and gland to its fullest potential. Armed with the knowledge and skills he has acquired as an Alameda Chiropractor of Harbor Bay Chiropractic clinic, he provides high-quality personalized care for all of his patients.

Helen Delisser's Practice

512 Westline Drive, Suite 102, Alameda, CA 94501
Helen Delisser is a reputable Alameda chiropractor working with the spine because its primary job is to house and protect the sensitive nervous system. She started her practice way back 1997 that is dedicated and efficient in delivering the best there is in Alameda chiropractic care evolution. Her services​ interest those who are open to alternative care and those who are maintaining their health the natural way.

Richard Hall's Practice

512 Westline Drive, Suite 102, Alameda, CA 94501
Dr. Richard Hall has a positive reputation as an Alameda chiropractor. Any patient who has gone to see him swears by his technique and the effectiveness of his skills. Dr. Hall applies gentle adjustments that quickly relieves his patients’ pain and discomfort; lower back spasms, migraines, and the like disappear in just a few sessions. He and his Alameda chiropractic have no equal in their community.

Nancie Odbert's Practice

1414 Everett Street, Alameda, CA 94501
There is no shadow of a doubt in the Alameda community that Dr. Nancie Odbert is the Alameda chiropractor to see. Dr. Odbert keeps her patients’ interests and well-being in mind; she gives honest advice and professional treatment to help them recover immediately and keep them away from her Alameda chiropractic for a long time. In the past 16 years, Nancie Odbert, DC has worked with patients to get them back to their daily lives without pain.

Ricky Wong's Practice

550 Park Street, Alameda, CA 94501
Dr. Richard Wong, an Alameda chiropractor, specializes in upper cervical chiropractic. This doctor teaches that chiropractic can affect the whole body as it focuses on the nervous system which connects the entire body. When this system and the spine are affected, a person functions less effectively. At Dr. Wong’s Alameda chiropractic, he makes sure his patients can function efficiently and without pain.

Michael Johnson's Practice

1240 High Street, Alameda, CA 94501
Dr. Michael Johnson helps patients achieve a high-quality life through his Alameda chiropractic. Some patients experience pain every day that it becomes difficult to see themselves in an active life. But this Alameda chiropractor treats various concerns like sciatica and arthritis so efficiently that a patient's physical condition is better than their original state. Dr. Johnson's approach is fit specifically to each client for best results.

Catherine Le's Practice

1050 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 104, Alameda, CA 94501
Vitalogy Chiropractic brings patients a natural and drug-free way to reach optimal wellness. Expert Alameda chiropractor, Dr. Catherine Le, has committed herself to continuously lead her staff to provide the highest quality of health care. In this Alameda chiropractic, health is a person's most precious possession. Doctors and staff in this clinic give their all to bring patients back to their 100% health.

Marjorie Lee's Practice

1204 Lincoln Avenue, Suite B, Alameda, CA 94501
Marjorie Lee is a chiropractor in Alameda who excels in her craft. As a chiropractor, she stresses the importance of proper treatment, patient education and satisfaction. Such are achieved with a thorough assessment during the patient's initial visit so as to come up with the best chiropractic treatments. Feel free to book an appointment with this Alameda chiropractic clinic where the patient's well being is of prime importance.

Taryn Kreipe Buensalido's Practice

2363 Mariner Square Drive, Suite #155, Alameda, CA 94501
Taryn Kreipe Buensalido is a chiropractor in Alameda known for her amazing chiropractic skills. Her patients all have good reviews on how well she uses chiropractic therapy for their aches and pains. After a very good assessment, this Alameda chiropractor carefully applies chiropractic adjustment in addressing the various concerns of the patient, with great care in mind. Schedule an appointment with this good clinic.