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Drs Ron and Dannielle Mutch have advanced training in Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI), a cutting edge approach to chiropractic that embodies contemporary quantum science while honoring the ancient wisdom of the body. BGI combines "light touch" with traditional "osseous" adjustments to release interference to the body's ability to heal itself. Dr Ron has advanced nutritional training and offers a comprehensive nutritional evaluation with a custom designed program to fit your individual health profile. Supportive recommendations typically include concentrated whole food supplements by Standard Process and gradual diet modification. Dr Dannielle is certified in Webster Technique, a specific chiropractic analysis and adjusting technique that focuses on balancing the bones and ligaments of the pelvis during pregnancy. Restriction in the pelvis may affect the mother's comfort throughout pregnancy, the progress and duration of labor, and the proper development of the child. Balancing the pelvic structures optimizes biomechanics and reduces nerve interference which supports the mother to have her most optimal pregnancy and labor.

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