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Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Dr. Moran has always had an interest in the human body, and developed an interest in Chiropractic after high school. After receiving chiropractic adjustments, she noticed an improvement in her overall health and well being both physically and mentally. The benefits she noticed in herself and in others made a lasting impression, and as such, she moved to Atlanta in 1996 to attend Life University and graduated in 2000. Dr. Audra Moran performed associate work in Chiropractic, and then opened her own practice, Preferred Chiropractic, in 2003. Dr. Moran performs full spine manipulations as well as extremity work using the Diversified and Thompson techniques, treating patients with a variety of conditions including sports injuries, migraines, chronic illnesses, accident-related injuries, as well as those who just want to improve or maintain their general health and well being. Dr. Moran is also the Chiropractor at a private college located in the metropolitan Atlanta area. She is constantly reading and attending seminars to learn about new procedures and information that will be helpful to herself and her patients. She also performs volunteer work at various charity events. While she believes that Chiropractic care provides a foundation for overall good health and promotes the body's ability to heal itself naturally, she also values the benefits of conventional medicine.