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Dr. Scott Jurica MS, DC, PAK, ACN
12343 Hymeadow Drive, Suite 2J
Austin, Texas
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Professional Experience: Chiropractic Kinesiologist and Clinical Nutritionist Private Practice – Dedicated to providing the most progressive and integrative health care by utilizing many innovative therapies such as advanced nutrition, applied kinesiology, myofascial work, chiropractic, cold laser, emotional/stress assessment, herbal therapy, functional nutrition and advanced laboratory analysis to personalize a health program for each patient. New York City, NY 2006-Present Los Angeles, CA (Satellite Office) 2012-2013 Austin, Texas September 2014-Present Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic in Texas and New York. Education: University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT Doctor of Chiropractic, Graduated Summa Cum Laude–3rd in Class Bridgeport, CT, May 2006 Board Certified State of Texas Thesis: Dietary Therapies That Affect Metabolic Syndrome University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT Masters Human Nutrition, Graduated Magna Cum Laude 4.0 GPA Bridgeport, CT, Aug 2012 One of the only Masters Programs with an emphasis on Functional Medicine Thesis: Vitamins and Minerals that Affect Osteoblastic and Osteoclastic Function for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis Texas State University, San Marcos, TX BS Computer Science, Minor in Chemistry, Graduated Magna Cum Laude San Marcos Texas Texas College of Chiropractic Certified Applied Clinical Nutritionist Pasadena, Tx May 2007 Studied personally with some of the best minds in the natural healthcare field learning the latest in therapies for many health issues: Advanced Clinical Nutrition Chronic and Acute Pain Conditions Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Digestives Issues (Acid Reflux, IBS, etc) Detoxification and Weight Loss Programs Hormonal Conditions (Infertility, PMS, Menopause) Thyroid, Adrenal and Pancreatic Health Concerns Chronic and Complex Conditions Certified Applied Kinesiologist New York, NY May 2006 Over 600 hours in advanced work in the following areas: Advanced nutrition Biochemistry Emotional/stress balancing Sports medicine Myofascial work Cranial sacral work and many others… Lectures and Speaking Events: • Alger Group NYC–”Adrenal Fatigue and How to Fix It” • SoHo House NYC–”Latest in Research in Natural Medicine” • Executive Women’s Group NYC–”Women’s Stress and Hormones” • Standard Process of Long Island–”Latest in Research on Chronic Inflammation and Disease” • Standard Process of NYC – “Alzheimers Disease Prevention” – “Men and Women’s Lipido and How to Treat” – Understanding Your Lab Tests and How to Talk to Your Patients • Standard Process of Los Angeles – Understanding Your Lab Tests and How to Talk to Your Patients – Latest in Research on Chronic Inflammation and Disease • Metropolitan Guest Speaker Austin, Texas–The Dangers of Eating Healthy • Nutrition Consultant and Speaker for Nasdaq (multiple locations–NYC, Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc). Currently the nutrition consultant for the company throughout the US – The Dangers of Eating Healthy – Latest Research on Weight Loss, Fatigue and Longevity (Webinar for entire US) – Latest in Research in Natural Medicine Other Seminars and Post Graduate Studies: • Advanced work with Shoulder Injuries and other Sports Conditions, Dr. David Leaf, Chicago, IL • Functional Tests and Pain Patterns for Determining Optimal Nutrition, Dr. Eugene Charles, Bridgeport, CT • Female Hormones Part 1, Dr. Janet Lang, Stamford, CT • Advance Female Hormones, Dr. Janet Lang, Austin, TX • Thyroid Health and Male Steroid Hormones, Dr. Janet Lang, Austin, Tx • Cold Laser Therapy in Clinical Practice, Dr. Richard Amy, Manchester, NH • Skin Therapeutics, Dr. Angela Hywood, Stamford, CT • Natural Fertility Management: Integrative Medicine for Male and Female Infertility, Dr. Angela Hywood, Fairfield, CT (leader in Fertility Management in Australia) • Principles of Nutrition for Bone and Joint Health, Dr. Michael Dobbins, NY, NY • Doctor of the Future, Dr. Stuart White, El Paso, TX • Advanced Dr. of the Future, Austin, TX • Top 10 Reasons for Doctor’s Office Visits, Dr. Michael Dobbins, NY, NY • Nutritional Response Testing Seminar, Dr. Freddie Ulan, NYC and Clearwater, FL • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Post Graduate Work with Dr. John Brimhall – Advanced Nutritional Therapies – Percussion therapy – Emotional Work – Allergy/Sensitivity Elimination – Low force adjustments – Flower Essences – Electromagnetic Pollution – Cold Laser Therapy – Heavy Metal Detoxification • Advanced Applied Kinesiology Procedures for Complex Conditions, Dr Eugene Charles, NYC • Herbal Strategies to Address Modern Health Concerns, Dr. Kerry Bone, Racine, WI • Herbal Strategies for Complex Cases, Rob Santich MNHAA, NY, NY • Advanced Therapies in Detoxification, Dr. Bruce Bond, Queens, NY • Integrative Strategies for Metabolic Conditions, Dr. Michael Dobbins, East Elmhurst, NY • Advanced Cold Laser Therapies, Dr. Dan Murphy, DC Newark, NJ • Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts, Dr. Sheldon Deal DC, DIBAK, Newark, NJ • Latest in Research on Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions, Dr. Michael Greer, MD Austin, Tx • Impacting Blood Chemistry Through Whole Food Nutrition, Drs. Will Mitchell and Marlene Merritt, DOM, LAc, ACN, Austin, Tx

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

Our focus in non-judgmental healing. We meet patients where they are and help them where they want to go, regardless of how fast or slow that may be. We help people get as healthy as they want to be using as many natural therapies as possible. If surgery or medication is ever needed we can refer and work with other healthcare providers allowing a true team effort in healing. Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition or just don't ever want to get sick, we can help in a variety of ways.

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

As odd as it may sound, we specialize in the human body. Our goal is to get to the source of what is wrong. We don't treat the condition of the person but the person with the condition.

What are you proud of in your practice?

I wake up every day getting to do something I love. I grew up with many doctors in my family both MD's and holistic so I have seen both sides and know we can all work together. I'm proud of people that come in to see me as I know they want to get better and I am excited to help them in any way I can.

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

Again, it will sound odd, but I love it all. I have worked with so many people with so many varying conditions and concerns. I research weekly as I feel its my duty to my patients to keep abreast of the research so I can help them in any way I can.