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Bradley Chiropractic Nutrition Center

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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Bradley Chiropractic Nutrition Center provides patients in Bakersfield with a complete holistic approach to health. Our philosophy is that for one to be completely healthy, they must balance their physical/structural, nutritional, and mental health. All three work together, for better or for worse, and we are passionate about educating people on this and giving them actionable ways to implement this in their life. In our clinic we provide a wide range of treatments including chiropractic care, spinal decompression, corrective exercise, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy all towards the goal of getting people to an optimal state of health. All of our treatments are scientifically based and have proven results. For chiropractic care, Dr. Bradley uses a wide range of modalities to provide the most effective spinal adjustments. Our spinal decompression table is the DRX 9000 and is one of the most advanced in the world, applying a true decompressive force without pain. The corrective exercise method we use is from the CHEK Institute and is one of the most advanced approaches to correcting imbalances, dysfunction, pain, and poor lifestyle to take people to the next level of health. Science Based Nutrition is the company we are affiliated with to proved lab tested results on exactly what nutrients one needs, and provides us with high quality vitamins. Our massage therapist, Janette, has been practicing for years and has an excellent approach to finding and releasing the tight muscles in anyone's body. We are also constantly learning more and improving our practice (even after 20 years). On top of being a chiropractor, Dr. Bradley is a certified CHEK Exercise Coach and Science Based Nutrition provider, giving him a lot of practical knowledge in all part of health. His son, Joshua Bradley is a certified CHEK Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, working with Dr. Bradley to rehabilitate patients and work with clients looking for the best in personal training and health coaching. Our patients have been extremely satisfied with our results (just look at our testimonials https://bradleychiropracticnutrition.com/about-us/testimonials/), and we hope you will be too.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

We are proud of our grasp of holistic health and our ability to provide that care to our patients. Through a wide range of modalities we have been able to help many people reach their health goals, enabling them to live out their lives to the fullest. We pride ourselves in every success we have and are constantly looking for ways to diversify our practice and provide an even more well rounded care.

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