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Concetta Butera's Practice

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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Dr. Butera has over twenty-five years of experience in Chiropractic, is a National Board Certified Chiropractor and holds licenses in New York, Arizona and New Mexico. She is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from King's College, Pennsylvania. Dr. Butera completed her post-doctoral studies in sports Chiropractic and is a Certified Sports Chiropractor. In addition, she holds a Masters of Science degree in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Throughout her personal and professional life, Dr. Butera has studied various, alternative therapies that would not only benefit herself, but also her patients. As a result, Dr. Butera became a Traditional Reiki Master and utilizes Reiki, an ancient healing method, as an adjunct to her chiropractic practice.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

Our office provides gentle, effective care and utilizes various chiropractic techniques and adjunctive modalities tailored to your specific and individual needs. Along with spinal adjustments, adjunctive therapies help to reduce pain, muscle spasm, inflammation and nerve irritation, thus rehabilitating the area and improving joint mobility (range of motion). Let us help you get through your daily activities and life with more ease and less stress.

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