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Dr. Anthony J. Bianchi Jr., DC

Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Conveniently located in Cheektowaga on Union Road, our facility has provided a natural solution to pain relief and better health since 1994. With hands that some say work miracles Dr. Bianchi is now bringing new technologies to WNY that are changing lives even more. There are precious few medical breakthroughs so amazing that they very literally change the established course of an entire field of medicine. But just as LASIK surgery revolutionized vision care there are now a number of new technologies that are revolutionizing how doctors treat pain. Until recently those suffering from back, neck or extremity pain were severely limited in their treatment options. Physical therapy requires many months and even years of difficult exercises and does not work for many patients. Pain pills and injections only mask the symptoms and provide temporary relief with damaging side effects. Of course there is surgery, but did you know that the International Orthopedics published that 53% of all lumbar back surgeries fail to produce relief of symptoms. Dr. Bianchi has combined 17 years of experience and over 40 years of research with four clinically proven FDA cleared technologies at Pain Relief Institute. Our strategy is to provide you with the most comprehensive treatment program possible by integrating advanced holistic medicine with the latest technologies. This provides you with the highest chance of reaching your health goals. Read more about these new technologies.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Dr. Bianchi has combined the proprietary LORDEX system for decompression and strength restoration with the following advanced technologies to create an unparalleled system for better health and pain relief. Nowhere else can you receive the synergistic effect of the most recent FDA cleared new technologies. Spinal Decompression Robotic MLS Laser Therapy (Class IV) Deep Tissue Laser Therapy (Class IV) mPulse Full Spectrum Sauna Therapy New Water Technology for better hydration Power Plate Therapy (Whole Body Vibration) AquaMED Dry Hydrotherapy

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