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Dr. McDowall and Dr. McIntyre are the clinic owners and directors of Burlington Sports Therapy. They take an evidence based approach to treating their patients, staying up to date with medical and chiropractic research so that their advice and their treatments are firmly grounded in good science. Utilising patented treatment techniques that are popular among elite athletes worldwide, Dr. McDowall and Dr. McIntyre’s approach places a large emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of the soft-tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia). Perhaps this is different from what most people would expect in a chiropractor. Although many of their patients are athletes, all of the practitioners at Burlington Sports Therapy welcome patients with various injuries and conditions, including those not related to sports. At Burlington Sports Therapy we treat all types of sprains and strains, including workplace and motor vehicle injuries. The various practitioners at Burlington Sports Therapy treat injuries affecting the entire musculoskeletal system. This includes conditions affecting the spine, pelvis, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle to name a few. All of the practitioners at Burlington Sports Therapy pride themselves on taking the time necessary to properly treat and educate their patients. This includes a proper explanation of your injury, why it is occurring, the strategies you can use outside of the clinic to help speed the healing process and most importantly, how to prevent your injury from recurring. What sets us apart… Burlington Sports Therapy uses a modern approach to treating physical injuries, using current medical research to guide clinical decisions so that your recovery process is both effective and logical. Modern Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, the Bioflex and Theralase lasers are frequently used by professional sports organizations. These organizations choose these methods because they have a reputation for resolving injuries quickly….we choose them for the same reason. Regardless of whether your injury is athletically related, we believe that all of our patients are entitled to this level of care. Research Our clinical decisions are guided by current, published medical research. After visiting our clinic, you will understand your condition and what the most current research suggests for treatment. We encourage all of our patients to be active participants in their care and to ask questions. Logical Our clinic has developed a reputation for practicing with integrity and resolving injuries effectively. To us, the combination of an evidence based approach with progressive treatment methods is logical…it is also what makes us different.

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