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Our clinic has Chiropractors, a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapists, and a Medical Physician working together to get you better. We combine the skills of each to develop a treatment plan and therapy that works for you and your injury. Many injuries have combinations of muscle and joint problems. Addressing one component can get you out of pain, but the injury is more likely to return at a later date. We will address the pain, muscle spasms, and joint injury to get you better quicker than traditional therapy. For example, some people with chronic low back pain have had some relief with either physical therapy or chiropractic. However, their pain returns after a few months because not all of the factors causing the pain were addressed. Our therapy is going to relax all the tight muscles, increase flexibility, improve joint range of motion, and increase the strength and endurance of the low back so the pain does not return. Alpha Chiropractic and Physical Therapy also prides itself on spending quality one-on-one time with every patient during each visit and knowing every patient's name. We work hard to provide the type of treatment and attention we would want to receive. We know everyone needs to be tended to in a way that works for them and their condition, and we provide many services that we know will help you as a patient! Graston Technique is incredible at increasing range of motion, removing scar tissue in muscles and ligaments, and relaxing tight muscles. We combine Graston Technique with traditional physical therapy exercises and stretches to speed healing and recovery from injuries. The technique utilizes specially designed stainless steel instruments to detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation. For example, some people seek treatment for their headaches, neck pain, and sore knots in their muscles that never go away. These knots are fascial restrictions and scar tissue that may be contributing to their headaches. Using Graston Technique on these areas helps the muscles and can improve the headaches and neck pain. We are one of the few chiropractic or physical therapy offices certified in the Graston Technique.

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