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Back To Essentials, LLC

1024 Wildewood Centre Drive, Suite B, Columbia, SC 29223
Columbia chiropractic clinic, Back To Essentials, provides a distinctive health care system that caters to a wide range of individual needs; touching all aspects of one's potential to go beyond assistance to independence. In this Columbia family chiropractic clinic, resident doctors and staff collaborate to deliver relief from arthritis, stiff neck, pinched nerve in neck, neck cracking, back problems and back injuries.

Wiseman Family Chiropractic, LLC

3200 Devine Street, Suite 101, Columbia, SC 29205
Wiseman Family Chiropractic is a Columbia chiropractic center led by two brilliant doctors: Dr. Ty and Allisun Wiseman. These Columbia chiropractors have long dreamed of forming a practice that helps people achieve optimum health and happiness. Their chiropractic is their dream come true; it provides patient-centered care at an affordable cost, and it delivers satisfying results. Others' dreams of wellness may come true with these doctors.

Erik Younginer's Practice

612 Ott Road, Columbia, SC 29205
Palmetto Spinal Center, LLC is home to the incredible Columbia chiropractor, Dr. Erik Younginer. This doctor is an expert in dealing with musculoskeletal conditions, including spinal disorders, arthritis, and the like. To properly treat his patients, Dr. Younginer uses accepted techniques in his Columbia chiropractic to adjust the spine or body, possibly combined with massage therapy to reach the body’s optimum wellness.

HealthSource Chiropractic of Columbia

1811 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201
HealthSource Chiropractic of Columbia is the leader in delivering the highest level of care through the provision of top-rated Columbia chiropractic services. In this Columbia chiropractic clinic, patients across all walks of life who are in pain, have injuries, or are generally feeling tired or lethargic benefit from its premier chiropractic adjustment techniques that are centered on relieving pain and promoting an optimal healing environment.

Fields Chiropractic Clinic

3930 Devine St, Columbia, SC 29205
Fields Chiropractic Clinic is an up-to-date chiropractic facility with a mission of providing top-quality care to maximize the health of patients across all age populations. Foremost among the specialists in the field, this Columbia chiropractic center delivers unmatched, noninvasive spinal decompression treatment interventions specifically designed and modified according to the condition and needs of each patient.

Samuel Chiropractic, P.A.

2757 Laurel Street, Suite 4, Columbia, SC 29204
Samuel Chiropractic has long been standing as a top-notch Columbia chiropractic center. The clinic has been delivering excellent service and products since 1992. For as long as this clinic has been standing, its doctors have recognized their responsibility to provide exceptional chiropractic care and information to their patients. Samuel Chiropractic also provides education for its patients to keep them better informed to achieve optimum health.

Gary S Weaver Dc

9570 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223
Gary S. Weaver, experienced Columbia chiropractor, takes pride in the fact that his clinic renders excellent service to its patients. From the moment the patient enters the door, he is greeted by courteous staff and minimal waiting time. Moreover, this Columbia chiropractic holds Dr. Weaver, a professional chiropractor who has always been recognized for his outstanding skills and patient-centered care.

Dail Chiropractic Clinic Pa

1655 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210
Dail Chiropractic Clinic is home to Columbia chiropractor, Dr. Larry Dail who has over 45 years of experience caring for patients in Columbia and nearby communities. His Columbia chiropractic utilizes their doctors and state-of-the-art facilities to treat patients’ conditions and to educate them in wellness and injury prevention. For them, chiropractic goes beyond pain relief; it’s taking care of the body to improve one’s overall quality of life.

Specific Chiropractic of SC

260 Graces Way, Columbia, SC 29229
Specific Chiropractic of SC has admittedly become quite a phenomenon in its local community. This Columbia chiropractic clinic does not rely on ostentatious methods to grab people’s attention. It simply relies on simple and effective chiropractic care to generate loyalty in its happy clients. This clinic applies the method “Structural Shift” which focuses on the spinal structure of the body to build a strong foundation for the body.

Oneyke Davis's Practice

5 Lake Carolina Way, Ste 110, Columbia, SC 29229
Dr. Oneyke Davis, Columbia chiropractor uses the field of alternative medicine to address her patients' overall health and well-being. As part of a Columbia chiropractic center, Dr. Davis understands how chiropractic can affect the whole body, and she takes steps in each session to provide holistic treatment. Aside from relieving pain, she applies chiropractic to achieve a healthier and more functional body.

Michael Norton's Practice

1410 Blanding Street, Suite 203, Columbia, SC 29201
Michael Norton is an amazing Columbia chiropractor who is recognized for his great skills and compassionate personality. Patients and staff alike show tremendous respect for him and what he does. Dr. Norton exerts every effort he can to treat a patient's condition, going beyond what is expected of him. He also educates his patients to avoid more injuries. His care for others makes him a champion for other Columbia chiropractors.

Telli Counts's Practice

2143 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Telli Counts has an established Columbia chiropractic center with doctors and staff who are nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Counts understands how bodies react differently to the same treatment, so she makes sure to apply personalized treatment for her patients. She wants to ensure the best and most appropriate treatment to make the patient healthy and happy as quickly as she can deliver results.

Walter Duncan's Practice

2827 Millwood Avenue, Columbia, SC 29205
Walter Rogers Duncan has long ago been perceived as a brilliant Columbia chiropractor who is part of an equally impressive Columbia chiropractic. Dr. Duncan's skills have proven more than once that he can quickly relieve a number of conditions with chiropractic care, such as back and neck pains, sciatica, arthritis, and many others. He applies careful yet firm pressure during his sessions to ensure the best results.

Tracy Young's Practice

1508 Charlton Street, Columbia, SC 29203
The quite popular Columbia chiropractor, Dr. Tracy Young, has been praised for her talented hands innumerable times. Many of her patients come to her Columbia family chiropractic because of the good things they hear from other loyal clients. They have said that this doctor is truly concerned for her patients in terms of the pain they experience and the amount they spend on treatment. Dr. Young delivers outstanding yet affordable services.

Frost Clinic

1713 Taylor Street, Suite B, Columbia, SC 29201
Frost Clinic is a Columbia chiropractic clinic with Stanley Frost, DC as the resident chiropractor. This chiropractor in Columbia has good reviews mainly because of the kind of care he renders to his patients. He makes sure that they are properly assessed and evaluated before chiropractic treatments are done. He sees each patient uniquely and chooses treatments that suit their particular need. Make an appointment today.

Lewis Hinson's Practice

6420 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209
Lewis Hinson is a chiropractor in Columbia who aims to help patients from any pain or discomfort that they feel. Before any chiropractic treatment, he makes sure to do proper assessment and evaluation, so the patients are assured to have quality chiropractic services. This Columbia chiropractic clinic is open for patients so feel free to schedule an appointment to see this chiropractor and be on the road to a healthier life.

William Richards's Practice

1101 Elmwood Avenue, Columbia, SC 29201
William Richards is a Columbia chiropractor who has helped numerous residents of Columbia, SC lead a better life, free from any pain or discomfort. His clinic is one of the best Columbia chiropractic centers and patients are assured of quality chiropractic services. All the chiropractic adjustments are done with utmost care and safety in mind so book an appointment and have a thorough assessment and evaluation.