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Sherwood Chiropractic Center

Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Patients want to be healthy but aren't always sure how to get there. Chiropractic adjustment reconnects the body to better potential, now we have a responsibility to teach patients how to eat and sleep better, exercise effectively, and improve thinking patterns that can cause dis-ease. We are committed to sharing the very best, no-nonsense, practical nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations with each patient as part of their care. Dr. Sherwood has been studying nutrition and whole-food based supplementation for over 30 years and enjoys researching the benefits of micro and macro-nutrients found only in quality, whole foods. Regardless of your current philosophies around food, there is always room for improvement and Dr. Sherwood is passionate about identifying the baby steps each patient can take to reach their nutrition and exercise goals. We share Lifestyle Focus Modules with our patients each month as well as life-changing recipes that have been developed by Dr. Sherwood and other local practitioners that we work with. We have developed a "Keep Moving" Room which is a separate rehab room available for all patients, at any fitness level, who choose to correct their posture, at no extra charge. We will demonstrate exercises that patients can perform and home, in the gym or at the workplace and you can perform the exercise at each visit. Handouts are provided for each of the exercises and flexibility/self-massage tools are demonstrated and provided. Patients are encouraged to use the "Keep Moving" room, before each chiropractic adjustment and we find that when patients warm up with stretches and exercises beforehand, we typically get a deeper adjustment than otherwise. The overall goal is that you will take the exercise/flexibility instruction home and do them a minimum of 4x’s per week for best results. (You can do it!) We are committed to teaching out patients that LIFE is movement and movement is LIFE, and how to work in as much movement into every day, whether at work, home, outdoors or at the gym. Keeping it moving promotes longevity!

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

At Sherwood Chiropractic Center we are proud of the lasting, close relationships that we have with our patients. Although we have been in practice for 22 years, we are continually keeping our eyes and ears open to new ways that we can serve our community through re-connecting people back to health. We love getting our message out that true living and whole health comes from having a healthy spine and nervous system.

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