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Our philosophy and practice is to address the root cause of health challenges and disease – not just treat the symptoms. This is important because health is not merely the absence of painful or uncomfortable symptoms. Full health is dependent on proper nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise, a positive mental attitude, and freedom from physical, chemical and mental imbalances. Our center offers a wide variety of diverse holistic modalities. We begin by examining all of the factors that may be contributing to your health challenge. We then draw upon many therapies and technologies to create a customized program to address physical, mental and chemical imbalances so that health and wellness can be restored. Alternative Chiropractic Center brings you the latest in treatment therapies with long-lasting solutions for health and longevity. We invite you to learn more about the health challenges we treat and the exceptional therapies we offer. See our website for more details.

Providers at this location

Dr. Elliott Andrew Smith
Josh Lazaroff, M.Ed., LMT, Licensed Brain Gym Instructor
Eva Stanley, Dipl.Ac.
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1780 South Bellaire Street, Suite 655
Denver, Colorado
Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center
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Denver Movement Center
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Denver, Colorado
Samuel P. Ammirato's Practice
1776 South Jackson Street, Suite 1022
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Oriental Art of Healing
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Denver Spine Chiropractic
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Colorado Blvd Chiropractic Center
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