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Therapeutic Laser: Dr. Cain specializes in Cold Laser Neurology, as well as musculo-skeletal treatment (precise adjustments, either manual &/OR instrument/low force methods). Using standard Neurological & Orthopedic testing, Cold Laser Neurology can make all the difference in recovery time and finding hidden injuries. The result of Dr. Cain working with the skeleton as well as the nerves & muscles achieves faster results and often is the answer to more complete injury recovery and better well-being. The therapeutic laser is an effective treatment utilizing state-of-the-art technology and is fully FDA approved. Laser therapy is an effective treatment for many types of disorders. It is painless and devoid of risk and is now quickly gaining international recognition as a valuable form of medical treatment. The method itself is not particularly new - the first reports on laser photo-stimulation in animals and humans date back to 1967. Laser therapy has been well documented. Today, nearly 100 positive double-blind studies have been published on the effects of the therapeutic laser, therefore treatment by laser can no longer be regarded merely as a form of alternative medicine. Laser Light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation (laser) is a light beam from the electromagnetic spectrum. Unlike conventional light sources a laser beam travels in only one direction and is monochromatic with its photons (little packets of energy) which are all identical in size, traveling equidistant in time and space. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been investigated and used clinically for over 30 years, mostly in Eastern Europe and Asia. The ability of lasers to cut, cauterize and destroy tissue is well known. These same or similar lasers at lower powers can non-thermally and non-destructively alter cellular function. This phenomenon, known as laser bio-stimulation, or bio-modulation, is the basis for the current use of lasers to treat a variety of articular, neurological and soft tissue conditions. A variety of names have been used to describe the same type. Nutritional Counseling: Its not only what you eat it’s what you ABSORB Apple Learn what a healthy choice towards good nutrition is. We all have the ability to make decisions on what we eat, how we eat, and when we eat. The question then becomes, how do I make an informed decision? Massage Therapy: Conditions Massage May Benefit Headaches *Low-back pain *Neck and other muscular pain *Poor Circulation *Stress and depression *Prevention of short term and long term illness *Increased work productivity Why Massage? Everyone knows that massage feels great – that it brings on deep relaxation and releases tension. But did you know that massage also: -Promotes relaxation by calming the central nervous system -Increased blood and lymph circulation -Relieves mental and physical fatigue -Improves athletic performance -Nourishes the skin -Relieves pain -Speeds recovery from injuries and surgery -Stimulates the immune system -Increases red and white blood cell production -Heightens body awareness -Improves digestion, assimilation and elimination -Increases joint mobility and flexibility -Can eliminate calf cramps and other muscle spasms Learn the answers to these questions: What is the difference between organic & processed foods? Does my blood type influence what foods I should choose? How much protein do I need? How many carbohydrates are too many? What is the difference between a good fat and a bad fat? What supplements do I need? Why do I always seem to get bloated after eating? Eggs The following diagnostic tools may be used in your consultation: Metabolic profiling Nutrient deficiency testing Enzyme testing

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