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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Neurology Center, LLC

Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is one of the fastest growing forms of Health Care in the world! In our office we focus on finding the cause of your symptoms instead of treating the symptoms themselves. The brain itself controls all life in the body, including every vital organ, tissue and cell. There is not one thing in the body that it doesn't control. Inside the brain there is a main control center, called the brain stem. The brain and brain stem have a complex wiring system that has close to 70 trillion nerve cells that pass through the top two vertebrae then out to the rest of the body. In most cases, when the body develops symptoms and becomes sick, it is due to a misalignment of the top two vertebrae. That misalignment could put pressure on the nerves and cause interference with vital brain messages that are meant to help our bodies to heal. This interference can cause distortion of messages, resulting in malfunction of things like hormones, blood pressure, breathing, stomach acid, and every other processes of the body. If there is an interference with the communication between the brain and the body, it will potentially cause the body to have sickness and disease. As Upper Cervical Chiropractors, we focus on removing that interference so the body will heal naturally.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

The results that we see and the patient testimonials about the changes in their lives! Here are just a few of the testimonials: “All five members of my family receive upper cervical chiropractic care. We have experienced relief from chronic ear infection in all three of our children; correction from a functional scoliosis; relief from arthritic pain; as well as improvement of speech development in one of our children. He was unable to speak properly even with a speech therapist. We found out about UCCNC from our general practitioner. After the first week of treatment, he began to pronounce words that he never could before.” Christine T. “I have had bad neck pain that was affecting my everyday life. It also contributed to my upset stomach, headaches, fatigue, tiredness, etc. I was referred to UCCNC by my general chiropractor. He just didn’t feel he could help me anymore and had heard great things about UCCNC. So I gave them a call and I am glad I did! They are kind and compassionate. I am now living the life I deserve – pain and disease free! Thank you UCCNC, you have changed my life!” Carol C. “Unlike any other chiropractor EVER! I had been to four other chiropractors and none of them found the real issue. And they were all good at what they did. But what upper cervical does is different than regular chiropractors. I haven’t felt this good in years. I highly, HIGHLY recommend UCCNC!” Dennis C.

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