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Creative Pathways Chiropractic

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Welcome to Creative Pathways Chiropractic, located in Encinitas, where we understand that the essence of true healing, not just the management of symptoms, requires a multifaceted and innovative approach for its co-creation. Our practice is built on the foundation of Zone Healing, a unique and highly effective neurologically based discipline of chiropractic care. As Zone Doctors, we work with the nervous system to improve mind-body communication and facilitate total nervous system health. And while chiropractic care initially defines us, we refuse to let it ultimately confine us. As true wellness experts, our approach to health incorporates a triune of mind, body and soul. Only when all three essential pieces of this puzzle come together in unison can the masterpiece of life be truly expressed. To that end, we assist our practice members in establishing vibrant new perspectives to invigorate and restructure their thinking, while igniting a fire within to forge a Complete Health Transformation. The time is now to blaze the path to vitality. Please allow us to be your vehicle and through our incomparable dedication and commitment to excellence, we will Navigate Your Journey to Health.

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257 N El Camino Real, Suite B
Encinitas, California
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