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Dr. Michael Lee Eggleston

Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


Eggleston Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc.
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THE CHIROPRACTOR WITH THE SABER CAN HELP YOU Dr. Michael Eggleston, Fayetteville Chiropractor Education Don’t worry, I don’t use my saber for treatment. I am a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and people often comment on the saber displayed in my office. Whether I was competing as a state champion discus thrower and Division I college athlete, parachuting out of airplanes or driving an M1A1 tank across the desert, chiropractic care has always kept me going and that is why I decided to become a chiropractor almost 20 years ago. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management from West Point, I served as an United States Army Officer in the Armor Field. I then attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. I have also done postgraduate work in whiplash and spinal trauma. Practice After practicing chiropractic for 19 years, I have treated thousands and thousands of patients with a variety of conditions. It never ceases to amaze me all the different things that chiropractic can help. I have treated patients ranging from newborn all the way to over 100 years old. I think I get the greatest satisfaction helping those who have had chronic pain and have not responded to any other type of treatment. Often, these patients have given up hope on ever getting better and we are able to get their lives back for them. Family I have been married for twelve years and have three daughters ages 10, 8 and 6. My wife, Blythe, is currently taking a few years off from her career to care for our daughters. Our family attends St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Fayetteville where our two oldest daughters sing in the choir. Blythe spends a great deal of her time serving the children and parents in the community as a certified child passenger safety technician. She works alongside law enforcement to provide car seat inspections for parents and caregivers. Eggleston Chiropractic & Rehab is a proud member of Arkansas Safe Kids Coalition though the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. We provide free car seat inspections to anyone and we participate in community car seat inspection events Outside the office Outside our Fayetteville chiropractic office we enjoy many outdoor activities in Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas. This year we have enjoyed hiking and camping at Devil’s Den. We spend a lot of time at Hobbs State Park as well. However, most Saturdays you will see us at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market buying ingredients for dinner. And, of course, we enjoying being Razorback Fans! My daughters love the gymnastics team and a fall Saturday isn’t complete without a Razorback game. Philosophy Optimum Health is of utmost importance to me. My family and I receive chiropractic care on a regular basis. I think it is very important for parents to teach their children a healthy lifestyle by being a good example. The Eggleston family exercises daily and tries to eat healthy nutritious meals. Chiropractic care continues to benefit me everyday allowing me to enjoy the things I love-scuba diving, mountain biking, running, kayaking, swimming and especially hiking with my three young daughters. I always ask my patients, “If you continue to do the things you have been doing, do you think you will ever get better?” It’s time to try something new and different. It’s time to try Eggleston Chiropractic & Rehab. Even if you have tried other options, call me today and see if I can help you. I’ve helped thousands of patients in pain and you could be next.

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

During the first visit we will learn about your unique situation and discuss how we can help you. Fayetteville chiropractor, Dr. Eggleston will listen with attentiveness and then provide a detailed explanation of his recommendations. A complete health history, focused chiropractic examination and any necessary x-rays will be done. This process takes 30-45 minutes. For our patients convenience we offer on-site X-rays at Eggleston Chiropractic & Rehab

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

Chiropractic Techniques: Manual diversified technique, Thompson drop, Activator, Gonstead Other Services: On-Site X-Rays, Rehabilitation, Exercise Programs, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Myo Massage

What are you proud of in your practice?

Dr. Eggleston has helped thousands of patients in pain and you could be next.

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

Auto Accident Injuries Dr. Eggleston is one of the Fayetteville chiropractors with extensive experience and training in auto injuries. He has treated thousands and thousands of Arkansas people injured in auto accidents. Whether you have neck pain, shoulder pain or lower back pain, we will help you recover. At Eggleston Chiropractic & Rehab we can explain what happened to your body in the crash and why are therapies and treatment will relieve the pain and prevent long-term issues. Low Back Pain From old and new sports injuries to unexplainable nagging pain, we will provide relief for back pain through proven therapies and rehab. Let us help you get back to playing golf, chasing your grandchildren, working in the garden or whatever else you love to do! Neck Pain Neck pain ranges greatly in severity from an irritating stiff neck to a debilitating whiplash injury. Regardless of the severity of the pain, we can help release you from the pain. Headaches Headaches are a common roadblock to experiencing a full life. At Eggleston Chiropractic & Rehab, we have treated people who have been incapacitated due to severe or frequent headaches. After their recommended course of treatment, bottles of pain relievers and dark rooms were a thing of the past. Don’t be a B.C. Powder junkie, let Dr. Eggleston help you with your headaches

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Back Pain Car Injuries Chiropractic Adjustments Electrotherapy Exam and X-rays Hip Pain Initial Visit Neck Pain Physical Exercises Shoulder Pain Spinal Decompression Wellness Care Work Injuries

Back Pain Car Injuries Chiropractic Adjustments Electrotherapy Exam and X-rays Hip Pain Initial Visit Neck Pain Physical Exercises Shoulder Pain Spinal Decompression Wellness Care Work Injuries

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