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The Alternative Healing Network, (a 501(c)(3) non-profit) promotes the use of integrative healing arts and improves access to ‘alternative’ health care in under-served neighborhoods. We host weekly free Integrative Health Nights (community outreach clinics) that bring Eastern and Western healing arts together and operate the Adams Avenue Integrative Health Center on a “Sliding-Scale” that helps make these essential preventative health practices affordable for your entire family. We are the producers of the annual San Diego Healing Arts Festival and the bi-monthly Alternative Happy Hour series that combine music, (one of the greatest healing forces in the World) with other health practices to offer a fun and educational forum for experiencing new modalities of wellness. We believe that both Western and “Alternative” medicine should be integrated for use together in hospitals and other institutions. We acknowledge the benefits of Biomedical surgery, lab tests, and pharmaceutical development as essential in fighting disease, but also see that there are often ‘alternative’ therapies which can be used to promote wellness and prevent illness from ever occurring in the first place. If you’d like to learn more about our projects, clinics, festivals, or other events, e-mail: info@althealnet.org - See more at: http://althealnet.org/about/

Providers at this location

Ryan Altman
Cindy Sullivan
Jolie Schiering
Julie Houston
Miles Exner, CMT
Hornbrook Center for Dentistry
7777 Alvarado Road
La Mesa, California
Bolam Dental Office Inc
5308 Lake Murray Boulevard
La Mesa, California
La Mesa Hills Dentistry
8375 University Avenue
La Mesa, California
Smilehaven Dental Center
4700 Spring Street, Suite 210
La Mesa, California
Sutra Dental Spa
7851 University Avenue, 206
La Mesa, California
Randall Stettler DDS
5565 Grossmont Center Dr, Suite 129
La Mesa, California
Collaborative Dental
6280 Jackson Drive, Suite 6
San Diego, California
TA Gereb Orthodontics, Inc.
5121 Garfield Street
La Mesa, California