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Wilshire West Chiropractic

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Mission: Providing a service that will help patients achieve and maintain their health, recover from injuries and alleviate chronic conditions. Principle: Treats the body as a self-treating, self regulating function controlled and coordinated by the brain, spinal cord and the nervous system with a focus of spinal function. Goal: To align and correct mis-alignments of the spine and extremities to return the body to its normal healthy function.

Providers at this location

Mcclain Sports & Wellness Inc.
6360 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 410
Los Angeles, California
Rosita Marvizi's Practice
6200 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1110
Los Angeles, California
Yonsei Chiropractic Clinic
3200 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 302
Los Angeles, California
Jeffrey Benton's DC / Light Touch Healing Center
6360 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 210
Los Angeles, California
Cathrine Zarrabi D.C>
5820 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 606
Los Angeles, California
Center For Advanced Periodontal and Implant Therapy
11633 San Vicente Boulevard, Suite 216
Los Angeles, California
West LA Physical Medicine
11110 Ohio Ave, Suite 108
Los Angeles, California
Pacific West Health Medical Center
11540 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, California