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In Markham it’s nearly impossible to go for a two minute drive without passing a Chiropractic office. With a Chiropractor on every corner, plaza and mall it’s difficult to decide which Chiropractor is the right fit for your health care needs. Hi, my name is Dr. Zunaid Kagdi. Most Chiropractors would normally use this section of the website to tell you about there credentials. I’m only going to take a couple of sentences to go over my credentials and then tell you about how I am different then most Chiropractors. I graduated in December of 2003 from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri. While in Chiropractic school I had a passion for learning different hands on Chiropractic adjusting techniques. This passion lead me to attend technique seminars outside of our core classes. I realized very early on that the one thing that differentiates Chiropractic from other professions is our ability to adjust the spine. So, I spent most of my non-classroom hours learning different Chiropractic adjusting techniques that would allow me to adjust anyone from newborns to the elderly. Once I graduated Chiropractic School, I continued learning different techniques. Then one day, a friend told me about a new a technique called Advanced Bio-structural Correction or ABC for short. When I attended an ABC seminar I realized that my search had ended for the perfect technique. The structural corrections I started to achieve with ABC were amazing. I consider myself a structural correction Chiropractor. I focus on correcting the structural integrity of your spine which will ultimately reduce your pain and symptoms. The way the body works simple, once you lose the normal curves and angles of your spine than other areas of your body will start to manifest pain and symptoms. These symptoms are known as SECONDARY CONDITIONS. For example, if your car axle was bent then your tires would wear and tear faster. In this example, the PRIMARY (structural) issue is the bent axle but the SECONDARY (pain or symptom) issue is the tire. In this example you can either replace your tires or get the axle fixed. If you replace your tires than the new ones will wear out quickly as well. The smart thing to do is to fix the axle. If you have pain and symptoms that may be due to structural issues of your spine, give us a call for a free consultation. I am happy to service such a diverse community. Most of my patients reside in Markham, but I also have many patients who drive from Scarborough, Stoufville, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Sutton.