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Best of 2019 - Chiropractors in Memphis, TN

Here is the definitive list of Memphis's chiropractors as rated by the Memphis community. These chiropractors have received great reviews from customers and are currently accepting new patients. Schedule your appointment today!

Cole Pain Therapy Group

2845 Summer Oaks Dr, Memphis, TN 38134
Cole Pain Therapy Group, in Memphis, TN, uses a conservative approach to treating and rehabilitating conditions caused by various reasons. This Memphis chiropractic clinic uses evidence-based medical science to care for patients in pain. The clinic also offers therapies for arm or leg pain, back pain, disc problems, fibromyalgia, headaches, neck pain, and sports injury. The treatments are rendered by a team of professional Memphis chiropractors.

Midtown Chiropractic

204 North Evergreen Street, Memphis, TN 38112
Providing outstanding service through an experienced staff, Midtown Chiropractic in Memphis, TN, is a premier clinic of the Memphis chiropractic industry. The clinic offers a variety of treatments in the field of chiropractic care and provides its services through a group of highly capable and professional chiropractors. Each treatment is individualized and unique to every patient and uses the best available techniques for its delivery.

Back and Neck Specialists

959 South White Station Road, Memphis, TN 38117
Back and Neck Specialists is a provider of chiropractic services in Memphis, TN. Individualized care is provided, focusing on what the client needs since no two persons are the same. With over 40 years of chiropractic in Memphis, this clinic has become the go-to for non-invasive treatment in Memphis and surrounding areas. Make an appointment today and a friendly chiropractor will be of assistance and take care of each client personally.

MidSouth Chiropractic Center, PLLC provides diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of disabilities from various causes. This Memphis chiropractic clinic offers manipulation techniques for conditions such as sciatica, back spasms, stiff neck; back, arm, and leg injuries; headaches, whiplash; and auto, sports, and work related injuries. The services are administered by a professional Memphis chiropractor, Patrick Kolwaite.

Rupert Alan James

721 West Brookhaven Circle, Memphis, TN 38117
Rupert Alan James promises to be his patients' partner on the road towards a better quality of life. As a chiropractic provider in Memphis, he uses modern as well as traditional chiropractic techniques together with chiropractic therapy. He is passionate in serving the patients and aims to be a chiropractor in Memphis TN who will aid the patient to live a better life. Schedule an appointment and experience the best service in the area.

Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic is a modern facility of chiropractic in Memphis which specializes in the rehabilitation of back injuries, neck problems, sciatic nerve pain, and headaches. This Memphis chiropractic features capable Memphis chiropractors with a range of advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures that help the clients in determining the cause of their pain and facilitate the selection of a proper course of action.

Alignlife of Midtown Memphis

2879 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111
Alignlife of Midtown Memphis, in Memphis, TN, offers excellent services by combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. This Memphis chiropractic office offers the following 5-star services: chiropractic, toxin elimination, nutrition enhancement, hormone balance, and weight management. The procedures are administered by a leading chiropractor in Memphis, Maurice L. Tucker.

Cole Chiropractic Center

8101 Walnut Run Road, Memphis, TN 38018
The goal of this chiropractor in Memphis TN, Cole Chiropractic Center is to emphasize the importance of improving health and lead a life with reduced pain risk and illness. As one of the best chiropractors in Memphis, they tackle the root cause of the problem, ensuring that the source of pain is addressed and pain relief and comfort is restored. They offer chiropractic therapy and advanced chiropractic techniques for the patients.

Gary Goode's Practice

4954 William Arnold Road, Memphis, TN 38117
When looking for a chiropractor in Memphis, then visit Gary Goode's practice where the patients are in good hands. They handle their patients like partners and collaborate findings to come up with chiropractic treatments that are tailor-made for the individual assuring that the regimens are based on the patients' needs. They are one of the best local chiropractors in Memphis TN, serving the community as well the surrounding areas.

We Care Chiropractic

6064 Apple Tree Drive, Suite 5, Memphis, TN 38115
We Care Chiropractic, as their name suggests, is a chiropractor in Memphis that cares for their patients. Their team is highly qualified to address concerns whether the patient is complaining of lower back problems or is simply looking for advice on chiropractic medicine. They are known to have some of the most competent chiropractors in Memphis TN. Patients always look for the best and they are certainly the team for the job.

A Memphis chiropractor, Williams Family Chiropractic has been in service for quite some time. From day one until the present day, their chiropractic treatments are made suited for the specific needs of their patients. As unique as their patients are, so are the treatment care plans. Their team of chiropractors in Memphis TN are one of the best in the area with the commitment of always putting their patients first, along with their needs.

Dr Mark Holliman is a renowned chiropractor in Memphis. He has helped a lot of patients and with this, he is known as one of the best chiropractors in Memphis TN. The services they have are treatments for headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, as well as auto and sports injuries. They offer new chiropractic techniques and treatments over at the chiropractic clinic. Make an appointment today and pave the way to a better lifestyle.

Alan A Arstikaitis

7870 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38125
Alan A. Arstikaitis is a well-known chiropractor in the midtown chiropractic in Memphis. He is a holistic chiropractor and believes that pain and discomfort should be treated as a whole. This Memphis chiropractor promises to give good treatment to the clientele. Since chiropractic adjustment should be unique, he sees the clients individually, plans and evaluates them accordingly. The kind of services makes this chiropractor the best in the area.

Russell Radican's Practice

6100 Primacy Parkway, Suite 112, Memphis, TN 38119
Russell Radican is a Memphis chiropractor who caters to anyone and everyone. His chiropractic clinic believes in the importance of prioritizing each client hence, the patients are treated individually. As a chiropractor in Memphis, he is devoted in alleviating any pain or discomfort the patient complains about and puts into action different chiropractic treatments appropriate for the patient that will aid toward a more active lifestyle.

Richard Hathcock's Practice

721 West Brookhaven Circle, Memphis, TN 38117
When looking for a reputable East Memphis Chiropractic, choose Dr. Richard Hathcock's affordable chiropractic practice. He offers the safest and most effective treatment for sciatica, scoliosis, back spasm, sore neck muscles, pediatric chiropractic and other chiropractic treatments that can restore the structural integrity of the spine, reduce pressure on the sensitive neurological tissue, and consequently improve the health of the individual.

Matthew Hayden's Practice

45 North 3rd Street, Suite 101, Memphis, TN 38103
At Matthew Hayden's practice, each patient is treated with utmost care. This chiropractor in Memphis TN is guaranteed to provide patients with the care they deserve. He is a holistic chiropractor and believes that the body is one. His years of experience contribute the level of care he gives at his chiropractic office. The chiropractic adjustment and therapy regimen provided are based on years of knowledge and practice.

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