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Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


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I believe that less is more and a targeted, gentle approach is best. After a thorough examination and conversation about your unique health history I'll give you my recommendations. We'll work together to establish a treatment plan that gets you out of pain and back to your favorite activities as quickly as possible. How long you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is up to you.

Providers at this location

David A. Cook, DDS, PA. Smiles at France
4999 France Avenue South, Suite 230
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hidden Health Chiropractic
3018 W 56th St
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Brookside Dentistry, Dr. Luke A. Foster, DDS
4045 Brookside Avenue
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Gregory Scott Alch's Practice
6550 York Avenue South, Suite 100
Edina, Minnesota
Premier Health of St. Louis Park
5050 W 36th St, Suite 100
St Louis Park, Minnesota
Dr. Gerald Cook, DDS
6600 France Avenue South, Suite 420
Minneapolis, Minnesota
ELEOS Psychology Center
4500 Park Glen Road, Suite 450
Saint Louis Park, Minnesota
Chears Audiology Minneapolis
5808 West 36th Street
Saint Louis Park, Minnesota