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Dr. Vittoria Repetto

Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


Vittoria Repetto's Practice
455 West 23rd Street, Suite #1E
New York, New York
Mon 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm  
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You have entrusted me with your health and wellness. I take that responsibility seriously by continuing my study of the latest chiropractic, applied kinesiological and nutritional research in order to provide the best in care and service to you. Here you will find a blend of old fashioned doctoring where you are listened to and treated w/ courtesy and dignity, where your time is valuable, where you are not part of today's assembly line health care and where I use Applied Kinesiology (AK) as part of my practice. AK, as founded by Dr. George Goodheart, incorporates under its umbrella the many branches of holistic healing including chiropractic, extremity adjustment, muscle balancing, cranial-sacral therapy, TMJ (jaw) tech., nutrition, acu-point therapy, neuro-vascular, neuro-lymphatic therapies and more. My goal is to motivate and help you reach a higher level of health and to actualize your potential. I do this through the ability to determine why the body is not functioning as a system, to get the body working together as it is intended, and help you clear stressors that often impede health and happiness. I believe that good health is a process and not an event. Therefore I ask that you take responsibility in the healing process as you learn why your health problem has occurred and what you can do to help stop and reverse the problem. In this process, you might be a little sore after the first or second treatment as I am trying to restore the normal biomechanical motion and proper nerve, muscle and organ function that may have been lost due to years of bad posture, trauma, infections, faulty nutrition and other stresses. In other words, I am trying to remove an unhealthy pattern that has developed over the years and this pattern takes awhile to be removed, sometimes a temporary minor relapse may even occur. Because of this, I will be recommending that you come in for a series of treatments perhaps once a week for a month and than every two weeks until the pattern is broken and health restored. In order to help in this process, I may also be recommending some nutritional supplements, exercises, stretches and lifestyle changes. When I have restored your body to a more normal and healthy function, I will then be recommending a maintenance / preventative program for you. I’m looking forward to working with you in this process.

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

Each of Dr. Vittoria Repetto's hour-long wellness sessions is unique and composed of interrelated holistic therapies that work together to achieve maximum benefits. Because of her Whole Person approach to wellness, Dr. Vittoria Repetto has helped patients with both short-term problems and long-term unresolved problems become free of their complaints.

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

Low back and Leg Pain Intestinal/ Digestive/Immune Health Neck/Headaches

What are you proud of in your practice?

Some of the complaints that Dr. Repetto has helped are: Musculoskeletal problems such as low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff problems, knee pain, muscle pains Headaches, Migraines High blood pressure, fatique, low energy, problems losing weight, dizziness, vertigo, poor memory Digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, belching, bloating, difficulty w certain foods, heartburn Respiratory problems such as hyper-sensitivity to pollen, ragweed, etc, difficulty breathing, frequent colds, sinus problems Immune problems such as frequent colds, flu, infections Menstrual cramps, hot flashes, irregular cycles, etc

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

All of the above: Because it's a joy to help patients get better.

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Exercise Therapy Follow Up Visit Follow Up Visit Initial Visit Initial Visit

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