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Having been in Greenwich Village for over 25 years I can safely say that I have become familiar with this community and the health issues the affects it. High stress and busy lifestyle of Manhattanites comes with a price. Headaches, back pain, allergies, breathing difficulties are common complaints that we successfully treat in our clinic using holistic approach. We use therapeutic nutrition, massage, and time tested manual techniques to create not only freedom from pain but a better health. And we do it in with unique efficiency: everyone knows, in Manhattan time is of the essence! We treat adults and children with specific attention to developmental problems like scoliosis and childhood asthma. It's important to know that lots of problems with back and knees have their origin in the way we walk. So these can be improved by correcting foot problems. Another words we aim to be thorough, effective and efficient an we welcome new patients. Come tell us what health problem interferes with you life, let us help you resolve it.

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