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Our office specializes in wellness care and preventative health care as well as the treatment of a variety of conditions from low back pain and neck pain to shoulder pain and joint pain. We employ a safe, holistic approach utilizing gentle manipulation of the spine and extremities to correct the cause of your problem. We employ full spine Diversified Technique and integrate Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Activator Methods and Thompson Drop Table. Our offices are equipped with Spinal Decompression equipment, the latest physical therapy electrical modalities and hi-lo tables to accommodate many sizes and conditions. Our integrative protocol includes personalized rehabilitative stretches & strengthening exercises and diet & nutraceutical counseling and ergonomic counseling. Our chiropractors specialize in the treatment of sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries. We provide useful information about creating a healthier workplace and improving the overall quality of your health. We understand your busy Manhattan lifestyle and offer flexible scheduling, same day appointments and fast, efficient care. We stress prevention and maintenance of back and neck problems to minimize relapse of your condition. Most insurances are accepted out-of-network and we do all necessary paper work and filing. We have a very convenient location on Lower Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village

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