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For More info on the specialized functional neurology treatments provided by Dr. Burness, please take a look at the following: northoakchiro.com ontariofunctionalneurology.com neuropathyoakville.com fibromyalgiaoakville.com We Are Different We know what you have been going through. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of help out there. You’ve been to your family doctor a number of times. You’ve tried the medications. You get the referral to the specialist. After jumping through all the hoops, waiting several weeks or months, you get to see the doctor. But in a few short minutes, it is all over. What happened to my exam? What about all of those questions I had to ask? Is anyone going to do anything to help me? Unfortunately, this is scenario is all too common. Most patients initially come to us frustrated with our broken healthcare system. Almost all of our patients have already exhausted all the “help” they could get with their OHIP coverage and they are still sick. Well, in our office, we do not offer 3 minute exams. We spend on average one hour in examination and consultation with each patient on their initial visit. We leave no stone un-turned. Dr. Burness will actually spend time answering your questions and explaining what your condition is, what it means, and how it needs to be fixed. We spend the necessary time on each follow-up exam as well, reviewing your status, reassessing and making sure that the treatment is effective, and that you are in fact getting better. We will not waste our time or yours if we cannot help you. We will not waste your time continuing care after you are better either. We pride ourselves on the quality of care which we offer, and our reputation reflects this. Our effective treatments are individualized and comprehensive. No two patients’ care plans are exactly alike, even if they share the same diagnosis. Our recommendations, treatments and supportive measures are based on each patient’s needs, identified through extensive neurological, metabolic, nutritional and sensitivity testing. If this sounds like what your case has been missing, give our office a call to set up a consultation with the doctor.

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