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Welcome to Wellness for the Body We are proud to introduce our Massage Therapy, Chiropractic & Naturopathic Healing Centre to the Bronte area of Oakville. Our wellness centre is comprised of natural and relaxing therapeutic treatments for your aches and pains. Our goal is to ease the 'hurts' of the body and mind and to promote and maintain a healthier, pain-free body and lifestyle. Heal, soothe, rejuvenate & prevent... Achieving a healthy stress-free/pain-free lifestyle is possible with proper care and therapeutic pampering. Begin the path to a healthier you with one or more of our services provided by our professional and caring staff. Come in and enjoy the experience! The rooms in our Oakville location offer a serene atmosphere with music and soft lighting. Healing and relaxation are the result of our perfect combination of the spa aesthetics and our clinical therapies. The benefits of Massage Therapy There are a variety of health conditions that Massage Therapy can effectively alleviate - the most common being stress-related tension. Our Therapists specialize in treating these conditions as well as providing relief for those related to soft tissue and joint dysfunction. Our goal is pain management and rehabilitation. Other therapies offered…and their benefits There are several talented certified therapists on staff. Services offered include: • Registered Massage Therapy • Chiropractic Care with Graston and Custom Orthotics • Naturopathic Medicine & Suikodo™ • Acupuncture: Contemporary Medical & TCM • Osteopathy • Acupuncture: Contemporary Medical, Traditional Chinese, and Cosmetic The benefits of these various healing therapies can range from easing a sore aching neck, to weight loss and defeating addictions such as smoking. Other benefits include: • Alleviating headache and migraine pain • Rehabilitation to restore function and prevent future injuries • Balancing your body and energy channels • Preparing your body to fight allergies and fend off impending colds or flu • Addressing hormonal imbalances, sleep issues and digestive disorders Whatever your health issues, we have the therapy that can provide you with positive resolutions...and this includes reducing the signs of aging! All of our therapies are natural and have one side effect...better health!!

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