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I like to treat the whole being. Chiropractic is my chosen tool for doing so. Chiropractic is, I feel, better at doing so than most forms of traditional western medicine. Network Spinal Analysis is better than most forms of Chiropractic. I also do other techniques as well such as kinesiology, herbal medicine, homeopathic, and reflex work to be sure that a patient (I like to call them ‘practice member’, patients are sick. My clients heal) gets the care they need, and that their system feels heard, and addressed, and given the space to heal. I am aware that different people have different needs, and even regular clients have different needs on different days. It’s important to have lots of tools in the toolkit in order to be as effective as possible. Come in and see Dr. Watts if you would like: Care tailored to your needs. Solution oriented, results oriented, healing oriented care. To be moving forward, towards peak performance, not just out of pain

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