Find the top-rated chiropractors in Santa Rosa

Total Care Chiropractic Center

1203 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
For a positive, all-encompassing Santa Rosa chiropractic experience, choose Total Care Chiropractic Center. Headed by a highly distinguished Santa Rosa chiropractor, this facility takes healing to the next level through its premier offerings of care concentrated on enhancing spinal alignment and structural integrity to allow the body's natural healing ability against a number of neuromusculoskeletal conditions to set in.

Santa Rosa Chiropractic Neurology Center

3540 Mendocino Ave, Suite 300, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Santa Rosa Chiropractic Neurology Center is a cutting-edge health and wellness facility dedicated to providing a complete spectrum of care. Having in its team a chiropractor Santa Rosa patients opt for first-rate‚Äč services all the more makes this wellness facility the preferred choice for noninvasive and effective approach to resolving pain and functional limitations caused by sciatica, whiplash, back pain, sports injuries, etc.

Revelation Health - Bartlett Chiropractic, Inc.

2718 Tachevah Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Revelation Health - Bartlett Chiropractic, Inc. is a highly recommended and trusted Santa Rosa chiropractic facility that offers comprehensive and well-rounded approaches for all neuromusculoskeletal emergencies. Headed by a certified and dedicated chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA, this clinic makes sure that all client needs and health goals are well addressed and, if possible, exceeded beyond expectations.

Tucker Chiropractic, A Professional Corporation

255 Farmers Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Experience Santa Rosa chiropractic care at its most effective only at Tucker Chiropractic, A Professional Corporation. With a professional considered as one of the most distinguished Santa Rosa chiropractors in its team, this wellness facility emerges as a leading source of quick and lasting relief of both acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal problems through its use of premier and safe spinal adjustment techniques.

Summerfield Chiropractic

4765 Hoen Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95405
For an exceptional and compassionate chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA, visit Summerfield Chiropractic. This wellness and vitality care center offers a hands-on, personalized treatment to the debilitating effects of deep-seated healthcare problems, such as sciatica, arthritis, sore neck, back pain, etc., through the use of top-notch spinal realignment and adjunctive manual therapies, thus creating a suitable environment within the body for healing.

Raw Food Consulting

707 Hahman Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95405
More than just a lab testing and consulting facility, Raw Food Consulting is also home to a private top-of-the-line Santa Rosa chiropractic practice. Managed by an independent and professional chiropractor Santa Rosa CA patients choose for gentle and superior alternative healthcare, this wellness facility delivers highly rated spinal decompression solutions to pain and functional shortcomings due to neuromusculoskeletal problems.

Soul Shine Family Chiropractic

440 S E St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
A premier and highly recommended Santa Rosa chiropractic clinic, Soul Shine Family Chiropractic provides well-rounded and top-of-the-line services when it comes to chiropractic care. With a team of highly skilled professionals and with one of the best chiropractors in Santa Rosa CA, this clinic is dubbed as one of the go-to clinics and one of the leading providers of care for all neuromusculoskeletal emergencies.

Helen Thomas, DC

2880 Cleveland Ave, Suite 4, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
A highly skilled and trusted Santa Rosa chiropractor, Dr. Helen Thomas offers top-of-the-line services for all neuromusculoskeletal emergencies. Considered as one of the best chiropractors in Santa Rosa CA, Dr. Thomas makes sure that all client needs are well addressed and, if possible, exceeded beyond expectations. To ensure that all demands are met, Dr. Thomas utilizes cutting-edge technologies in the provision of care.

Darius Bunyad's Practice

208 E Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Dr. Darius Bunyad's Santa Rosa chiropractic practice is a leading-edge health and wellness center that help people improve their quality of life through the provision of safe and effective chiropractic adjustment and adjunctive manual therapies. Belonging to one of the topmost chiropractors Santa Rosa CA has today, Dr. Bunyad delivers only the best of professional care to assist patients in attaining and maintaining an optimized level of health.

Richard Wong's Practice

205 8th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Dr. Richard Wong's Santa Rosa chiropractic practice is dedicated to providing the best evidence-based care to optimize the care of its patients in a compassionate manner. Belonging to the topmost Santa Rosa chiropractors today, Dr. Wong combines years of expertise with unparalleled clinical excellence to bring about maximized spine health and optimal healing from injuries and diseases affecting the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa

175 Concourse Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa is a highly recommended Santa Rosa chiropractic office with services primarily angled on the lingering symptoms of various neuromusculoskeletal problems. Through the expertise of its notable Santa Rosa chiropractor, patients are introduced to top-of-the-line, personalized treatment protocols that are sure to eradicate both the symptoms and the root cause of the problem.

Steven Tlicen's Practice

2801 Yulupa Avenue, Suite B, Santa Rosa, CA 95405
A well-experienced and highly skilled chiropractor in Santa Rosa, Dr. Steven Tlicen evaluates and manages conditions originating from the nervous and musculoskeletal regions such as stiff neck, headache, and disc-related problems. Dr. Tlicen's Santa Rosa chiropractic practice features the use of both evidence-based adjustment strategies and up-to-date equipment to deliver the very best of chiropractic care.

Hartman Chiropractic

3861 Montgomery Drive, Suite E, Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Hartman Chiropractic is the cutting-edge, full-service Santa Rosa chiropractic practice of Dr. Craig Hartman, a well-distinguished Santa Rosa chiropractor. In this wellness-driven clinic, an all-encompassing treatment approach to conditions such as sciatic nerve problems, whiplash, and scoliosis, among others, is utilized so that not only are the symptoms resolved but more so, the main cause of the health problem as well.

Judevine Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic Inc.

1175 West Steele Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Judevine Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic Inc. is a leading-edge, multidisciplinary‚Äč health and wellness facility with services stretching to include comprehensive Santa Rosa chiropractic care. Through the competence of its highly qualified Santa Rosa chiropractor, this clinic is able to efficiently address the needs and concerns of patients with back spasms, neck pain, disc problems, and other neuromusculoskeletal issues.

Dennis Hertenstern's Practice

1212 Farmers Lane, Suite 2, Santa Rosa, CA 95405
For a full-service, outcome-oriented Santa Rosa chiropractic center, choose Dr. Dennis Hertenstern's Practice. Home to two well-distinguished Santa Rosa chiropractors, this wellness facility features patient-centered chiropractic solutions to concerns like pinched nerve in neck, back and shoulder pain, sciatica, scoliosis, and other craniosacral problems, with special emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention.

Lance A. O'Connor Chiropractic

900 Vallejo Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
An up-to-date, integrated Santa Rosa chiropractic clinic, Dr. Lance O'Connor Chiropractic features superior chiro treatment options with a special highlight on the care of postural injuries. With Dr. O'Connor, a well-regarded Santa Rosa chiropractor, at the forefront, patients can have the confidence that they are under the best professional who takes time to listen and truly understands their needs and concerns.