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Santa Rosa Chiropractic Neurology Center

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Santa Rosa Chiropractic Neurology Center provides a variety of health maintenance and pain relief treatments for Sonoma County patients.They are Diamond Certified. The firm has onsite specialists in chiropractic, neurology, therapeutic massage, functional endocrinology, nutrition, and learning enhancement who are trained to eliminate migraines, numbness, dizziness and vertigo; reduce stress; improve sports performance; provide relief for whiplash injuries and fatigue; optimize brain and body functions; and more. President Dr. F. Blake Ambridge has a post-doctorate degree in neurology and is a fellow of the American College of Functional Neurology. Dr. Ambridge studied in Europe to learn cutting-edge chiropractic neurology techniques, and he says he’s proud to apply his specialized skills to help Bay Area patients achieve total brain and body wellness. “We treat the same ailments that chiropractors and medical neurologists treat, but without using drugs or surgery.” Santa Rosa Chiropractic Neurology Center also provides autoimmune disease support, nutrition alternatives designed to combat common health problems, hormone and adrenal balancing, and more.

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