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Hello ! My name is John Filo and I’ve been a chiropractor for the last 15 years working alongside my brother Shant – Acupuncturist and Mindfulness Meditation Specialist. As a Chiropractor, I’m essentially trained to recognize patterns – biomechanical patterns to be specific – as it relates to the physical body. What we’re looking for is any compromise in integrity of the spine and by that i mean any imbalance or misalignment in the spinal column, cranium and hips. So we notice when one leg is shorter than the other, when one shoulder is higher or the head has a slight tilt. These patterns or subluxation patterns as we call them, are clues that tell us that the integrity of the spine as a whole is compromised – there is interference in the nervous system. The best analogy is the garden hose: if the hose is kinked in many places, the garden doesn’t get the water it needs to grow. So instead of throwing more medicine on the plants, we instead look to eliminate the interference by removing the kinks along the hose. Then and only then does the water flow properly to nourish the garden. Its the same with Chiropractic, the brain communicates with the body and when we eliminate interference in the nervous system, the flow is optimized. the body (aka the garden) is nourished. We also address the factors that cause these subluxatoin patterns to occur; and there are 3 primary causes that lead to interference in the nervous system. One is physical: it can be acute trauma or accumulative postural stress….sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day. The second factor is emotional or mental stress; we all have some of that – whether its personal, relationship, health or work related. Stress has a direct impact on the body and nervous system. The third is environmental; what we eat, drink and breathe in our bodies, ie. sugars, caffeine, alcohol, drugs….you name it. These three have a direct effect on the nervous system and therefore a direct effect on the spine. A little tid bit of evolutionary science: Millions of years ago, when humans evolved from quadruped to biped – when we began to stand and walk on two legs vs four – the load on the receptors of the facet joints of the spine increased tenfold ! This sensory input from the spinal joints to the brain gives the nervous system a plethora of information about our position, balance and movement in 3 – dimensional space. This high density of receptors on the spinal joints are a communication highway that connect brain and body. So when I give you a specific chiropractic adjustment, I’m essentially activating these receptors and it has an overwhelming effect on balancing the overall nervous system. Its not just about physical re-alignment of the spine, that’s just one component of a chiropractic adjustment, the second and more powerful component is the effect it has on balancing the nervous system – from the pre-frontal cortex all the way down to the cerebellum – that controls balance and coordination. Dr. Ted Carrick – a Cambridge professor is the pioneer in this field of research called functional neurology. He’s the doctor that rehabilitated Sydney Crosby from his severe concussions years ago. And then there’s a third component that rarely gets attention these days but was one of the founding principles of Chiropractic in the late 1800’s. That’s the consciousness and spiritual component. When your nervous system is firing optimally, your connection to the larger consciousness system, Source, God, universal consciousness – whatever you want to call it – is that much stronger. We chiropractors refer to that as turning ON the power. When you’re dealing with the spine and nervous system, it becomes a tuning fork for mind, body and spirit. Professional Qualifications: • Graduate of University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic ; 2002 • Undergraduate in Kinesiology and Health Sciences at York University 1998 • WHO China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center (CBIATC) in Beijing, China 2002 • Webster Technique certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association 2014 • Functional Cranial Release (FCR) certification through the Functional Cranial Release Institute 2012 • Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

- Chiropractic - Paediatric Chiropractic - Functional Cranial Release Some information on Functional Cranial Release... What is Functional Cranial Release ? Functional Cranial Release (FCR) is a relatively new endonasal procedure to help with the alignment of the internal cranial bones – specifically the spheniod, maxilla and ethmoid bones. The spheniod is one of the deepest and largest bones of the skull. It’s a butterfly shaped bone that sits behind the nose with the upper edge of the ‘butterfly wings’ extending to the temples and the lower ‘legs’ of the bone forming the back of the mouth and jaw. It’s the ONLY bone of the skull that connects with every other bone. Therefore, the position of the sphenoid affects the alignment of the entire skull. FCR therapy uses a small balloon apparatus to mobilize and adjust the internal cranial bones into alignment. Specific neurological and palpation tests are performed prior to the procedure to determine the location of restriction (subluxation). The procedure is relatively quick as a small cot is positioned in a specific location and gently inflated to correct the misalignment and restore proper cranial – sacral rhythm and neural tone to the nervous system. Why is cranial alignment so important? Restoring health is less about trying to fix a ‘broken’ part and more to do with removing the ‘interference’ in the system. When it comes to neuro-physiological conditions of the ears, eyes, nose, throat (EENT) which extends to breathing, balance, and immune function, the first place to look for interference is in the cranium and spinal column. Why? Because the structural integrity of the head and spine have a direct effect on the function of the nervous system. The same way the spokes of a wheel (structure) effect how the wheel spins (function). Structure determines how something moves, how it operates, how it functions. The cranium or skull is made up of various bones that expand and contract at the joints (sutures) with each breath. This acts as a pump mechanism to circulate cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF) throughout the brain and spinal cord – referred to as the cranial-sacral rhythm. CSF bathes the brain and nervous system providing nutrients – especially oxygen uptake – to all the neural cells. Chronic cranial misalignments cause abnormal cranial-sacral rhythm. This leads to poor CSF flow and inadequate fuel and nutrient delivery to the brain. Subsequently, the ability of the brain and nervous system to communicate with the cells of the body is compromised. Since the nervous system provides the power source to each and every cell, this translates to a decreased rate of cellular regeneration. Poor regeneration leads to poor function and this is the stage when symptoms are recurrent and frequent. Ongoing migraine headaches, chronic sinus infections, restricted nasal breathing, sleep apnea, grinding and clicking of the jaw, ringing(tinnitus) or pressure in the ears. Are you starting to see how it’s all connected ? Everything has a cause and effect. Symptoms are the effect. They are the body’s way of telling you the system is under strain. Remember, symptoms are the messenger, not the problem. Is Functional Cranial Release a Chiropractic treatment ? Yes, FCR falls under the scope of Chiropractic care and is billed as a Chiropractic adjustment. If you are covered for Chiropractic care under your health insurance plan, then your FCR procedure will also be covered. Coverage amounts vary with each insurer. Dr. John combines FCR therapy with sacro-occipital technique and spinal adjustments as needed. Subluxations of the sphenoid and other internal bones of the cranium are rarely isolated. Particularly in chronic cases, the misalignment will cause compensatory changes in the TMJ (jaw) and spinal vertebrae (neck and low back). For this reason, FCR is part of a complete corrective care treatment. What is involved in an Functional Cranial Release procedure? The procedure involves the insertion of a small latex balloon into a specific position inside the nasal cavity and slowly inflated to release chronic cranial bone misalignment. A series of inflations are performed over a period of 7-10 days to slowly release the chronic cranial adhesions or scar tissue. As adhesions are released, cranial-sacral rhythm is restored which results in proper flow of cerebral spinal fluid throughout the brain and spinal cord. This means optimal healing and regeneration. ​The procedure begins with an initial examination including spinal and cranial assessment. Specific neurological and breathing tests are performed to check overall vestibular balance and air flow. The initial procedure may last up to an hour. Each FCR treatment is approximately 20-30 min. No drugs and no surgery are involved. This is a 100% natural and holistic based treatment that removes obstruction and restores balance to the nervous system. Is Functional Cranial Release safe ? FCR is a natural procedure that does not use any drugs, injections or surgery. In some instances, patients may experience a short duration of nose bleeding or spotting immediately after the procedure. This is expected due to the stretching of the soft tissue inside the nasal cavity. Individuals on blood thinner medication may be prone to a longer period of nose bleeding following the procedure. Please discuss this with the doctor during your initial evaluation. Do I need a referral from my medical doctor ? No, a referral is not required to see a Chiropractor. If any prior tests or imaging has been done for your condition, please bring a copy of the report(s) with you to your initial exam. The doctor will review your results during your exam. Is Functional Cranial Release painful ? Some patients have described it as an intense feeling of expansion or opening inside the nasal cavity. Other patients have described it as a feeling of unlocking or release followed by a sense of immediate relief. It is common to hear popping or cracking noises as the cranial bones shift and re-align. The first thing many patients will report is a sudden increase in breathing capacity through both nostrils, followed by a discharge of sinuses and an increased sense of alertness and focus. How many Functional Cranial Release procedures will I need ? This is entirely dependent on the chronicity of your condition – the length of time you have been suffering from symptoms – and other underlying factors. One procedure involved a minimum of 4 treatments to a maximum of 6 over a period of 7-10 days. Other underlying factors include; increased levels of stress, chronic inflammatory conditions due to diet and sensitivities or pre-existing structural limitations ( severe deviated septum, cranial deformity, congenital defects etc. ). What is the cost and is Functional Cranial Release covered under my health insurance ? The fee for the initial assessment is $70 CAD. Each FCR treatment is $500 CAD. A complete procedure (4 treatments) is $2000 CAD. Functional Cranial Release falls under Chiropractic benefits. Please contact your insurance provider to inquire about your specific coverage. If you have any questions about Functional Cranial Release, please call our office at 416-218-8870. Our clinic is the first to offer FCR in Canada since 2012.

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Back Pain Chiropractic Adjustments Compression Socks Custom Orthotics Exam and X-rays Follow Up Visit Initial Visit Myofascial Release Neck Pain Shoulder Pain Sports Injuries Wellness Care

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    Reviewed on March 23rd, 2016  •  Verified patient
    Dr. John Filo's adjustments are "crisp" but not forceful, "buttery" because he slides the adjustment into place as if your joints are lubricated and supple because body and joints feel remarkably supple when he's making his adjustments and I was subluxation for quite some time and my muscles were in spasm.
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  • Great way to start a Saturday
    Reviewed on October 17th, 2015  •  Verified patient
    Treatments always make me feel better, it's close to my home, he always runs pretty close to appointment times. I'm always pleased with my treatments and Dr Filo is a great, knowledgeable, and honest Chiropractor.
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