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Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


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Dr. Nick has committed last two decades to helping people achieve optimal health. He offers an integrative approach to the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of pain and dysfunction, with a keen interest in sports medicine and movement disorders. He offers you the answers you are looking for regarding pain and dysfunction and the means to help optimize your movement, performance and overall health. By integrating various forms of manual medicine he provide you the means to speed up your healing after an injury or rid you of those aches and pains that prevent you from enjoying your life. This is done by using manual medicine and physical therapies to restore optimal function to the nervous system, muscles and joints in order to reduce pain and promote healing. Specialized exercises are provided after every visit to ensure that the improvements you experience with your physical medicine treatments are supported and guide you to restoring proper movement, decreasing pain, improving performance and preventing re-occurrence.

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