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Mary Cathy Gibson


Located in the Yaletown district of downtown Vancouver BC, Pacific Chiropractic is proud to have been providing chiropractic, registered massage therapy and wellness services to the residents of our community since 1995. We have a full service clinic with many treatment and therapy options to offer, and a wide range of diagnostic equipment to either find out the underlying cause of your pain or for the maintenance and enhancement of your overall health.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

The difference between our clinic and others, is in the broad scope of services that we can provide, ranging from massage therapy to physical therapy, chiropractic care and off-site personal training. We pride ourselves with providing the best quality care for patients and giving them treatment regimes that provide results. At Pacific Chiropractic, we spend a tremendous amount of energy and time, obtaining a thorough history of your specific complaints and your overall health. We may even ask you questions that at first, may not appear to be related such as your stress levels, your job, and your lifestyle. We perform a detailed examination of the area of concern but also the body as a whole. Often diagnostic tests are required to give us even further details. This information gathering process is crucial to the proper discovery and diagnosis of your problem. It is only with this knowledge can we make the appropriate recommendations to you for the type treatment that is best suited for your condition and your body as a whole. This is a responsible and efficient process, and will help us achieve the best results!

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

-Direct billing to insurance providers -Open evenings and weekends -Online booking The Therapists, Doctors and staff are very well trained, educated, qualified and are personable and chosen, in part, due to their aptitude to provide a loving and caring environment for patients.

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