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Keith Giaquinto D.C., L.D.H.S., I.H.S. is a published author, writing articles for a national chiropractic magazine and also lectures to companies and groups in his com­munity on topics of health and wellness. He has been studying, practicing and speaking about the natural approach to health and wellness for over a decade. Keith has helped hundreds of people all over North America who have health challenges achieve a near normal or perfect health in a matter of weeks to months utilizing Chiropractic Care and Enzyme Nutrition.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Dr. Keith takes a holistic approach to his patient's health. He works mechanically with his patients with chiropractic adjustments, posture rehab and home care exercises but also nutritionally with enzyme nutrition. Dr. Keith has a post graduate certification in Internal Health. His specialty is digestion disorders, immune deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, allergies and skin conditions. There are 3 types of patients that seek him out: 1. people in pain - have a musculoskeletal complaint 2. chronic unresolved health issues - people that have suffered for a long time, have been to 5-10 doctors, and they still have a alot of unanswered questions or are not healing 3. people that don't have any complaints but want to be proactive with their health - wellness patients

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

Dr. Keith meets people where they are, evaluates their health, customizes a Care Plan specifically for their health care needs, guides them through their plan and supports them along the way. He doesn't give people a fish so they are fed for a day, he teaches people how to fish so they can be fed for life. Dr. Keith educates his patients and the community on true health and healing. He is passionate about teaching people how to run this amazing machine called the human body so they can get the best performance out of their body mechanically, emotionally, mentally and nutritionally. This approach not only gets his patients better faster, keeps them well longer and but also make his patients less dependent upon chiropractic care or any other health care provider. Health can be simple if you know how to listen to your body and read the sign it gives you. Dr. Keith fills your tool box with simple and easy ways for you to respond to your body once it speaks to you.

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