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I am trained in EMDR, hypnotherapy, mindfulness based stress reduction, sex therapy, fear of flying and end of life care. I ran therapy groups for women for over 25 years. I also do couples therapy and really enjoy this. I also love working with anxiety issues. I am eclectic in my approach. I am perceived as warm creative and a bit " out of the box" in terms of using a variety of modalities. I give homework and do a lot of work with teaching self-soothing to people. I also teach as I do therapy, skills that have been missed. I love helping people heal around issues that limit and confine their lives. So I have enjoyed helping people heal sexually from abuse and have enjoyed seeing fearful flyers whose worlds were limited get to have a bigger world. I currently volunteer at a hospice and co-lead their bereavement workshops and groups. I have volunteered in hospice for 5 years.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

i am also a certified sex therapist and see individual adults and couples with sexual issues. I specialize and am known for working with sexual healing around sexual abuse. I work with fearful flyers and worked with northwest airlines running a Fear of Flying Program. I also am trained in EMDR and End of Life Issues.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

I am very proud of my work with sexual healing around abuse. I also love working with fearful flyers and have worked and flown with over 1500 of them.

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