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  • Reviewed on January 6th, 2013  •  Verified patient
    My family and I saw the commercials on TV for Dr. Savita Chaudry on OMNI channel (catering to South Asians). Like any trusting person, our family went to this dentist. Our initial visit was cleaning with Dr. Savita Chaudry, and that was fine. The problem came after a couple more visits, where the dentist was absent, and my file was moved onto her dental assistant/junior dentist. The assistant was to do a simply cavity filling, but instead, during our appointment, she instilled a fear tactic to upsell us on unnecessary Root Canal. She said if we don't do this now, then it would grow out of control and create a much bigger problem and require even more work and cost even more! As any other patient who places trust in the hands of their healthcare provider, we too believed this dentist. This turned out to be a VERY BIG MISTAKE. We learn she teaches her team to use the fear/scare tactic as sales, and does so for two main reasons: 1) more fees can be collected, and 2) she gets to learn by letting her junior dental assistants or junior dentists practice on innocent patients. I feel demeaned because I was treated like a test subject, and to this day, I am having troubles chewing food because of the mistake performed from an un-required Root Canal job that was recommended to me just so the dentist can make a few more bucks from my insurance!
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