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By The Lake Dental was established in 2010, with a focus to provide you with personalized dental service in a modern and comfortable - spa inspired setting, in the most efficient and effective manner, through the use of the latest technologies, materials and highly qualified dental professionals. We happily see patients of all ages, from our youngest 18 month old, to our 96 year old, who still has all of her teeth! We believe overall health starts in the mouth. Medical and Dental research has proven the systemic connection between your mouth and the overall health of your body. Conditions like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, respriatory disease, some forms of cancer, stroke, alzheimer's and inflammations, are just a few of the many conditions which have been linked to poor dental health. Keeping this in mind, our goal is to treat your mouth based on your specific needs, educate you on how to maintain a healthy mouth at home and to keep you on a regular hygiene cycle. By achieving this goal together, we will help you save time, money and preserve your overall health. By The Lake Dental has a highly dedicated and motivated team of dental professionals who share in this same patient-centric culture. The team covers a diverse set of dental deciplines, allowing us to offer a full service - one-stop - dental experience. We look forward to having the opportunity to share our dental culture with you. We would further invite you to do your own research on By The Like Dental. By visiting several internet sites like dentistfind.ca, google reviews, facebook and rateMDs.com, you will gain first hand experience about our office through our patients.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

The patient centric dental experience we provide to our patients is truly unique. From the moment you walk into one of our offices, you will recognize the care we have taken in providing you and your family a comfortable setting. We have designed our space to make you feel comfortable during your visit. We offer a little something to all of our patients, no matter the age. Whether it's our kids zone, with a dedicated entertainment system, to our Japanese massage chairs. Our patients recognize these little things, along with the excellent dental care. They openly share their appreciation with their neighbours, friends and family. Due to this recognition and the understanding of why dentistry is so important to our health, By The Lake Dental recently expand it's foot print, by opening a second office in Highland Creek, Scarborough. This expansion will allow us to widen our reach to a larger number of patients, searching for a new dental experience.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

A full service, personalized, no pressure dental care experience we provide in an accessible, modern and technologically advanced office.

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