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University Dental And Hygiene Clinic

258 King Street North, Unit 10 (2nd Floor), Waterloo, Ontario


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Sat 10:00 am - 3:00 pm  


Our clinic specializes in providing the highest degree of oral health care. We have a wide variety of services and top quality professionals available to treat patients, with a perceptible commitment to providing exceptional quality dental care.

Providers at this location

University Avenue Dental
65 University Avenue East, Suite 9
Waterloo, Ontario
Applewood Dental Centre
118 King St. North
Waterloo, Ontario
KWC Bridgeport Weber Dental
70 Bridgeport Rd E, Suite 10
Waterloo, Ontario
Bridgeport Family dentistry
60 Bridgeport Rd E, Suite 101
Waterloo, Ontario
KWC Uptown Dental
75 King Street South, 28A
Waterloo, Ontario
Dr. Winnie Shuit Dentistry
131 Union Street E, Suite 104
Waterloo, Ontario
Waterloo Smiles Dentistry
188 King Street South, Suite C
Waterloo, Ontario
Dawson Dental Centre Waterloo
38 Northfield Drive
Waterloo, Ontario