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Dr. Sherry Durrett, DC, DPhCS, LCP, FASA

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Durrett Chiropractic & Natural Healthcare Clinic - A Wellness Center
736 Cypress Creek Pkwy
Houston, Texas
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An Experienced and Dedicated Center For All Your Health and Wellness Needs We are a group of dedicated professionals with over 30 years of experience caring for people with workable non-drug and non-surgical solutions to their family’s health care needs. We have been delivering Wellness and Alternative Healthcare years before it became popular. What sets us apart and makes us different is the sincerity and degree with which our doctors and staff really care about the people that trust us with their health and the health of their family. We listen and take the time necessary to help educate our patients and their families about options that they have with regards to their health needs and wellness goals. It is a point of pride that our office maintains lifelong healthcare relationships because of the level of care we deliver. The healthcare options that we offer are hardly possible to be found elsewhere. Our office is one of the top, full service alternative healthcare and wellness centers in the country. We specialize in caring for the entire family with services ranging from Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Allergy and Chemical Desensitization, Body Restoration Technique, Natural Approaches for ADD/ADHD, and helping patients who have not responded favorably to other types of care.

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

With over 30 years experience caring for all types of conditions, we have the cutting-edge, drug-free solutions to health, wellness and pain relief. In our office, we take the time to really listen and make sure that our patients are completely cared for!

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

We specialize in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, meaning we look to find and fix what caused your problem in the first place. With Applied Kinesiology, advanced Energy and Infoceutical Treatments, traditional Chiropractic and physical modalities, we have a spectrum of options that will be successful for all different patients.

What are you proud of in your practice?

I have the greatest and most competent team here for our patients and community. With more than half of our team with over twenty years experience here in our practice, we know what we are doing and our patients benefit from that. I personally am very active in helping make the world a better place. I work with Human Rights Education both locally and abroad, donate my time to our local National Charity League, and am a supporter of Girl Scouts. I also spearheaded a project to bring Chiropractic to Russia and continue to work towards helping bring a Chiropractic College there.

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

We enjoy all the cases that we treat and they range from simple back or neck pain to very complicated health and wellness issues. We do enjoy our pediatric patients quite a bit and love making sure that they have the best non-drug care that is available and feel privileged to be able to get them on the path to wellness and keep them there!

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Follow Up Visit Follow Up Visit Follow Up Visit - 30 Minutes Follow Up Visit - 45 Minutes Follow Up Visit - 60 Minutes Initial Visit Initial Visit Initial Visit Prenatal care Walk-In

Follow Up Visit Follow Up Visit Follow Up Visit - 30 Minutes Follow Up Visit - 45 Minutes Follow Up Visit - 60 Minutes Initial Visit Initial Visit Initial Visit Prenatal care Walk-In

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