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Dr. Latchman Hardowar graduated from St. John's University a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1993. He attended the Saba University School of Medicine and obtained his MD in 2002. Upon graduation Dr. Latchman Hardowar began his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Florida, Shands Jacksonville. Dr. Latchman Hardowar currently provide care for Home Visit Medicine, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes Kissimmee and Orlando area, and Family Medicine at 2120 Michigan Ave Kissimmee Fl 34744. As home visiting doctor we see the sickest of the sick and the most fragile patient. These are the patients that often have trouble getting into their doctors office and therefore have to use the most stressful and expensive form of heath care like the emergency room and hospitalization. We also coordinate care with the patient primary care physician and their specialists. Our goal is to keep the patient healthier and happy at home by providing better health care and quality of life.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

The physician provides the best quality of care for his patients. Our services includes 1: Holistic and Complementary medicine. 2: Primary Care Services. 3: At home visits. 4: Nursing home services. 5: Medication monitoring. 6: Diabetic Classes 7: In house ultrasound and blood draw. 8: Vitamin and nutrition 9: School and sport physical. 10: DOT physical. 11: Immigration physical. 12: Natural weight loss 13: Concierge/ Hotel Medicine.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

1: We strive to be a regional leader in medical care by physicians. 2: We are dedicated to leading a revival of traditional home physicians visit in a way that also utilizes the most advanced medical technology and latest medical techniques. 3: We strive to be the preeminent clinical practitioners, recognized as the most compassionate and most dedicated clinical team in the region. 4: We will be recognized as a clinical team dedicated to collaboration and openness, treating every patient and their family with respect and encouraging every patient to take an open role in their treatment.

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Dr. Latchman S. Hardowar