Insurance verification can be this easy.

Your team should never wait on hold with an insurance company again.

Let us take care of the tedious work.

On average, practices save
50+ hours a month by using Opencare Insurance Verification.

Why outsource with Opencare?

Opencare provides full insurance breakdowns for each patient, including history, frequency, downgrades, custom codes and more. Stay informed and give your patients the right treatment plan, every time they come in.

  • Time

    Opencare’s insurance verification is seamlessly integrated into the PMS you already use, freeing your team to focus more on your patients.

  • Trust

    Always be ready to give your patients an accurate out-of-pocket quote. Being prepared and informed will secure their trust.

  • Accuracy

    Maximize your practice’s collections rate by understanding detailed coverage for every patient.

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  • Is Opencare insurance verification HIPAA-compliant?

    Yup! Everyone on our team is HIPAA trained and we ensure all the services we offer are compliant as well.

  • How does Opencare connect with my PMS?

    We’ll send you a workstation that securely connects with your PMS. This ensures there are no interruptions for your office.

  • What patient information do you need to get the breakdown?

    We just need the patient’s full name, birth date, the name of the insurance provider and member ID. That’s it!