Super Practice:

Recognizing the best dental practices.

Opencare’s Super Practice program celebrates and rewards our top-rated and most-trusted dental practices.

Super Practice benefits

Boost your reputation

We’ll add a Super Practice badge to your profile to build trust with patients and make your practice stand out from the crowd.

Attract more patients

Increased visibility and trust mean more patients. More patients mean more money for your practice.

How to become a Super Practice

We’ll check the following criteria on the 11th of every month. If you meet these standards, you’ll earn or retain Super Practice status.

4.8 star rating

Super Practices maintain a patient rating of 4.8 or higher. These practices consistently provide outstanding experiences and patients leave glowing reviews to reflect that.

5+ appointments completed monthly

Super Practices treat at least 5 Opencare patients each month. Opencare prides itself on connecting quality patients with quality dentists. Patients love experienced practices after all.

Schedule 70% of requests

Super Practices stay on top of their schedule and prioritize new patients. This means they are able to schedule more than 70% of the requests they receive. Rare cancellations mean peace of mind for patients.

75% of requests responded to within 24 hours

Super practices respond to over 75% of their new requests within 24 hours, regardless of business hours or weekends. They really go above and beyond to get patients booked in quickly. If patients have questions, they love it when a quick response is just around the corner.


There is no minimum tenure to become a Super Practice. As long as you meet all the criteria by the assessment period (which takes place on the 11th of every month), you can earn Super Practice status. Every time we check that you’ve met the Super Practice criteria, we look back over your past month of scheduling to review your performance.

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