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Toronto, Ontario
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I believe that health is a choice and that in order to be successful in healing one must address the root cause of illness. I am a practitioner in a system of medicine deeply rooted in tradition, flourishing with science and actively sought on the principle that though the body knows how to heal itself it often needs help and direction. I am passionate for the balance between natural healing and the innovation of conventional medical approaches and what the amalgamation of these two paradigms are capable of achieving. As our mentality towards health shifts to a greater, long term and holistic frame of mind, I believe that Naturopathic Medicine will become an important contribution to our health care system. Each perspective of medicine - conventional and naturopathic - has its place in the course of treatment and it is the work of the practitioner to decide what is safe, appropriate and effective for the patient. I believe in the art and science of medicine and the dichotomy found in healing - research/evidence and the mind/body connection.

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  • Resolved my both issues
    Reviewed on July 23rd, 2013  •  Verified patient
    Melissa helped me with the digestive complaints I had initially come in with, and suggested we tackle my painful periods as well. Both issues have now been resolved! She's very easy-going, professional, and so friendly. And she helps! Definitely recommended. Thanks, Melissa!
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