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Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour) –Optometrist Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour) born in 1961 in Rasht –Iran Graduated as a doctor of medicine from Tehran University of medical sciences in 1986 and entered residency of ophthalmology at Tehran university of medical sciences in 1990.He received his board of ophthalmology in 1994 and began his own busy practice in Tehran-Iran afterward. He has been a member of American Academy of Ophthalmology since 1996 and passed exams to get certificate of International Council of Ophthalmology (UK) in 2001. He has been known for his skills in patient Diagnosis and management and also for friendly care of his patients.His interest in research since he was graduated led to extensive presentations in seminars and publishing many papers in Iranian and international journals,some of them include: *1- Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour) :Epidemiologic survey of Iodine deficiency induced goiter in outpatient clinics in Dareh-shahr city in Ilam province -Iran speech presentation in "The 1st congress of regional health and treatment affairs study. 27- 30 oct. 1989 Urmia-Iran *2- Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour) :Retrospective epidemiologic survey of Malaria Vivax inDareh-shahr city in Ilam province-Iran during 1977-1988 The 1st congress of parasitic diseases in Iran. Gilan university of medical sciences, 11-13 dec. 1990 *3- FarhudD.D ,Rezaie T.,Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour) et al :Preliminary report:Evidence of Autosomal recessive form of Alport's Syndrome in Iran Iranian Journal of Public Health vol.22,No.1-4 ,1993 *4-Farhud DD, Rezaie-Jami T, Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour), Islami M, Broumand B. (1993) Evidence of autosomal recessive form of Alport syndrome in Iran. Iranian Journal of Public Health, 22 (1-4): 51-56. *5- Rezaie T,Boroumand B,Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour) et al :Study on Iranian families with Alport Syndrome Jorjani scientific festival.Nov.1994,Tehran-Iran *6-Hosseini M. Tehrani,Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour) et al :Corneal Endothelium and its diseases Sina Journal of Ophthalmology,third year,No.4,1994, Tehran-Iran *7-Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour),boroumand B. et al :Reports of Ocular signs in a family with Fabry's disease and defective gene carriers 5th Iranian congress of Ophthalmology .26-30 Nov. 1995 *8-Rezaie-Jami T, Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour), Islami M, Amir-Ansari B, Ganji MR, Farhud DD, Broumand B. (1996). Situs inversus: an uncommon extrarenal association of Alport's syndrome. Nephron, 74(2):426. *9-Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour), Rezaie-Jami T, Islami M, Madani A, Farhud DD, Broumand B. (1996) Bilateral inguinal hernia associated with Alport's syndrome: report of the first case. Nephrol Dial Transplan, 11(3): 559. *10-Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour),Rezaie T et al :Fabry's disease;Report of classic clinical signs in a family 4th Iranian congress of Nephrology,Dialysis and Transplantation,25-27 Feb.1996 *11-Rezaie T,Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour) et al :Report of one case of Situs Inversus associated with Alport;s Syndrome 4th Iranian congress of Nephrology,Dialysis and Transplantation,25-27 Feb.1996 *12-Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour),Rezaie T et al :Report of 4 cases of Alport's syndrome with specific retinal lesions. Ophthalmology Updates in 6th Iranian Congress of Ophthalmology 26-29 Nov. 1996 *13-Broumand B, Farhud DD,Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour),et al:Dominance of Autosomal recessive inheritance of Alport's syndrome in Iran 14th international congress of Nephrology. 25-29 May 1997,Sydney-Australia *14-Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour),Rezaie T et al :Clear Lens extraction and intraocular lens implant in 4 cases of anterior lenticonus due to Alport's syndrome 9th Iranian congress of Ophthalmology 21-25 Nov. 1999 *15-Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour),Sotirova V. et al: Identification of a new mutation in gene PAX3 in an Iranian family with Wardenburg syndrome type 1 10th Iranian congress of Ophthalmology. 19-23 Nov. 2000 *16-Sotirova V.N., Rezaie T, Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour), Sarfarazi M. (2000) Identification of a novel mutation in the paired domain of PAX3 in an Iranian family with Waardenburg syndrome type I. Ophthalmic Genetics, 21(1): 25-28. After migrating to Canada he successfully passed the Canadian optometry board exams and got his doctorate in Optometry from university of Waterloo In 2011.He is now a member of college of optometrists of Ontario, Ontario Association of Optometrists and Canadian association of optometrists. Dr.Matt.K.Sorour(Dr.MR.khoshsorour) deeply believes in meticulous , high quality practice using the latest technologies in a respectful environment to help his patients as much as possible.