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Dr. Roozbeh Rashed

5 Years


Pars Dental Clinic keele location
2875 Keele St
North York, Ontario
Sat 8:00 am - 5:00 pm  
La Rose Dental Office
140 La Rose Avenue, Suite 14
Etobicoke, Ontario
Sat 9:00 am - 6:00 pm  
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2210 Jane St., Unit B
Toronto, Ontario
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Born in Iran, Dr. Roozbeh Rashed came to Toronto, Ontario in 2014 along with his wife and daughter. After obtaining his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), he got an MSc in Orthodontics from Mashhad University, Iran, where he taught and practiced orthodontics as an assistant professor for 5 years. During his years in Iran as an orthodontist, Dr. Rashed had the opportunity to successfully treat a substantial number of most challenging orthodontic, orthopedic and orthosurgical cases. Upon arrival in Canada, Dr. Rashed managed to complete the National Dental Examining Board of Canada's equivalency process for foreign-trained dentists and was registered as a dentist in Ontario. In June 2015, he was pleased to start Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Program in Orthodontics at the University of Toronto to become a certified specialist in orthodontics in Canada. Outside the clinic, Roozbeh enjoys playing tennis, cooking and spending quality time with his family.

What are you proud of in your practice?

The team at Pars dental clinic is truly committed to patient communication. We believe it is the foundation of any strong patient dentist relationship. I make it a priority to offer personalized, thorough dental care. I do this by ensuring patients fully understand their oral condition and any treatments I recommend. It is a point of principle to me that patients are treated like family so they are relaxed when they arrive at the clinic and know what they can expect.

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

For me the most important thing is the patient doctor relationship. That is why I enjoy treating all cases and building trust with my patients.

Offered Services 6 Services

Braces Exam Follow Up Visit Initial Visit Invisalign Wisdom Tooth Problem

Braces Exam Follow Up Visit Initial Visit Invisalign Wisdom Tooth Problem

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English Iranian