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DOMTP MOMsc Miyako Kurihashi (DOMTP MOMsc) is from Japan. She moved to Canada when she was 20 years old. Her mother, an artistic and spiritual woman, along with her father, a successful eye surgeon in Japan, both played a big role in inspiring her love of visual art and the healing arts. Miyako holds a Shiatsu Diploma as well as a Master’s Degree (2010) from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy Holistic Health and Sciences in Hamilton. Her study embraces all fields of osteopathy including the classical style, originally founded by Andrew Taylor Still MD DO. As everyone is a unique being, her treatments vary with every individual. She uses the classic style of osteopathy for most of her patients although she is flexible with her treatment if it is needed. Her treatment is gentle and light yet precise and to the point. It brings the body’s gravity force to the center to reduce the burden of physical structures and systems. It also helps to coordinate and balance the autonomic nervous system and is essential for improving digestion, respiration, the menstrual cycle, hormonal balance, sleeping patterns and emotional and psychological wellbeing. Miyako is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and growing her skills. It humbles her and she loves being on this journey. Miyako shares the belief with the philosophy of osteopathy, that the body, mind and spirit are inseparable. An osteopath once said that our mind lives in the nervous system! Each human being possesses within him or herself a self-healing mechanism - as soon as the body is guided in the right direction, healing and recovery is facilitated. Miyako believes that we must constantly strive to improve our lifestyle-diet, posture and activity-to create better health. Receiving healing treatments is always beneficial but the desire and the will to achieve optimal health and happiness must come from the patient first because the mind and intention strongly influence the body and ultimately, its recovery and health.

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