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Orthopaedic, spine, and sports physical therapy/rehabilitation. The longest standing private-owned physical therapy practice in Douglas County. We design individual programs for each patient. Every patient is seen by the same licensed physical therapist each visit- we do not depend on assistants or technicians to provide your therapy. We highly value patient privacy - there are individual treatment rooms rather than a large crowded gym area full of other people. Treatments are evidence and research based- you will not be treated using unproven gimmicks. Our outcomes and results are excellent. Administrative staff is here to help you understand your insurance benefits and is very efficient - we will most likely be able to evaluate you within 24 hours of your call. Hiding pain is not the same as managing the problem in order to improve your life and function. Call today! Our family-owned small business appreciates your support!

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Devoted professionals: YOU are why we do what we do. YOUR goals are what we strive to achieve. We love what we do, but the patient is the cornerstone for all of it and we are here to truly serve you and help you meet your needs. In order to do that best, you are seen by the same, licensed physical therapist (PT) every visit- you will not be passed on to be treated by an unlicensed helper. The more attention you receive from a licensed PT, the faster you will meet your goals. Our PTs develop a customized treatment plan for each individual patient and you will not be lumped into a group or generic approach. We believe in finding the RIGHT treatment for the RIGHT patient. Merely coping with pain is not at all the same as managing the problem in order to restore function, improve movement and quality of life. We are not in the business of covering up your symptoms- we will help you return to living life. Value: we achieve outcomes quickly, thus saving you time and money. Happy patients make for happy therapists and doctors as well. Everyone wins when you reach your goals effectively and efficiently. We also set our charges by market rates, and thus your portion of the costs are often times more reasonable- when compared with some hospital based outpatient centers, for instance, whose fees are typically set 3-4 times higher than the usual market rates. Other private practices also charge “allowable rates” versus contracted rates, thus taking advantage of high deductibles- the patient is the one who ends up paying the majority of these costs, which is not fair- especially when you have a choice. Please cost-compare! You will find our rates to be very reasonable. Integrity: by using the highest quality and most current research/evidence, we are able to help you reach your goals fast. We do not use gimmicks, we do not drag your visits out. There are other clinics that offer PT as part of a package full of unproven techniques and fads - thus are simply dabbling in rehab- we offer REAL physical therapy by only licensed physical therapists. There are also other healthcare providers who offer things like 30 visit packages. When are you supposed to get better, visit 30? The faster you achieve your results, the better! Reputation: Front Range Therapies Castle Rock is the longest standing, privately-owned physical therapy practice in Douglas County. Others in the region have tried to copy some things from us (even going so far as naming themselves something related), but they cannot copy our excellent reputation and outcomes. We have quite a following of fans in the community who have seen great results for many years. We respect your privacy: there are clinics that are composed of one large gym area and everyone is in the same room. We disagree with that approach. Your privacy while addressing your healthcare concerns is very important to us. We use individual treatment rooms. We do also have a gym area, but everyone is not thrown into one room together for their entire treatment session. Assistance in navigating the insurance world: our office manager is a real person who returns calls in a very timely manner, answers the phone, cares about you as a person, and will provide you with the help you need to understand the insurance side of things. We will most likely be able to evaluate you within 2 days of your call, and there are no surprises with billing and collecting- everything is explained by our helpful administrative staff.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

Experience: your treatments are based on evidence and research. Tim is 1 of only 16 PTs in Colorado certified in McKenzie MDT. Fellowship trained in sports rehab and performance enhancement Instructor for graduate courses and continuing education lab courses Certified clinic instructor for graduate level PT students on internships LPGA and PGA Tour rehab experience Amateur to professional athletes have been helped, along with military, law enforcement, and members of the firefighting community Between Amy and Tim, there are decades of experience in outpatient rehab, orthopaedic, sport, and spine conditions. We perform REAL physical therapy and rehab, and do not simply dabble in physical therapy. We focus on doing what we do and we are very good at it. We are always striving to be better- a multitude of continuing education courses by our therapists including Myofascial Release, Strain-Counterstrain, McKenzie/MDT, sports, orthopaedics, Agility/Quickness/Power training, running analysis, as well as comprehensive foot and biomechanical evaluation in order to provide custom foot orthotics (not over the counter, prefabricated ones that are not unique for your individual conditions)

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