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Institute for Orthopaedic and Sports Rehabilitation

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Providers at this clinic

Kendall Brown
Tabatha C. Eaton
Cora S. Demott
Jeremy Eaton
Evan Carson
Matt Hubbard
Jason Kharman
Terry Perez
Meri Salvia
Paul Samuel Silver's Practice
9400 North Central Expressway, 1212
Dallas, Texas
Frederick Olden's Practice
8140 Walnut Hill Ln, 201
Dallas, Texas
North Pointe Eye Associates
9850 North Central Expressway, 106
Dallas, Texas
ProCare Injury and Rehab Center
8224 Park Ln, 120
Dallas, Texas
Lone Star Physical Therapy
10300 North Central Expressway, 171
Dallas, Texas
High Five Physical Therapy
12222 North Central Expressway, 115
Dallas, Texas
Dr. Kelly Ryder DC, ART, CCSP, Owner
6060 North Central Expressway, Suite 424
Dallas, Texas
Dental Associates of North Dallas
10670 North Central Expressway, 525
Dallas, Texas