Find the top-rated physical therapists in Henderson

Affiliated Physical Therapy

2411 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 100, Henderson, NV 89052
Affiliated Physical Therapy in Henderson NV enhances the recovery of normal movement and daily activities and provides utmost healthcare. Services offered in this Henderson physical therapy clinic alleviate sports injury, headache, knee pain, carpal tunnel and elbow pain. Treatment for sports injuries often begin with rest, ice (or hot water) compression and elevation to relieve pain, reduce swelling and speed up healing.

Deborah A Lazarski Pt Llc

2920 North Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, NV 89014
For the finest physical therapy Henderson has to offer, visit Deborah A Lazarski's Practice. It is a state-of-the-art, outpatient rehabilitative facility known to be a premier provider of advanced physical therapy in Henderson NV embedded with the highest standards of practice that benefit patients who are hampered by body pains and whose functioning are greatly limited by conditions affecting the muscles, soft tissues, joints, and bones.

Physiotherapy Associates- Club Sport

2100 Olympic Ave, Henderson, NV 89014
Physiotherapy Associates- Club Sport is a Henderson physical therapy center that has been providing years of excellent approaches and techniques for all cases concerning the musculoskeletal system. This clinic not only offers advanced treatment care plans in physical therapy Henderson residents can avail of but also delivers well-rounded services for all physical therapy cases, be it generalized functional impairments or work-related injuries.

Touro University Nevada

874 American Pacific Drive, Henderson, NV 89014
Discover the invigorating advantages of the finest professional physical therapy Henderson has presently through Touro University Nevada. Its Henderson physical therapy treatment interventions are a combination of research-based manual therapies and state-of-the-art technological innovations that are all designed to meet the varying needs of clients with complaints of pain and functional restrictions.

Select Physical Therapy

400 N Stephanie St, Suite 310, Henderson, NV 89014
A premier Henderson physical therapy center, Select Physical Therapy provides superior treatment regimens and care plans for excellent physical therapy aide and high-quality physical therapy exercises. This clinic promotes advanced techniques in physical therapy in Henderson NV, making it one of the top and trusted choices of patients when it comes to the management of all musculoskeletal emergencies.

Action Therapeutics Llc

866 Seven Hills Drive, Suite 103, Henderson, NV 89052
If in search for a highly regarded Henderson physical therapy center, Action Therapeutics Llc is the right clinic to be. A renowned facility for physical therapy in Henderson NV, this center provides advanced physical therapy services for the management of all musculoskeletal emergencies. Manned by a team of professionals, this clinic is guided by the mission of delivering high-quality treatment regimens to all clients.

Michel Rantissi's Practice

2625 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Henderson, NV 89052
Michel Rantissi's Practice is an up-to-date outpatient rehabilitative facility that features select physical therapy Henderson clients can take advantage of. In this wellness center, a physical therapist that is well knowledgeable and skilled in the management of disorders and illnesses stemming from the musculoskeletal system offers evidence-based manual therapies well proven to help in the achievement of holistic recovery.

Tru Physical Therapy

70 East Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 180, Henderson, NV 89002
Tru Physical Therapy in Henderson NV is a privately-owned outpatient physical therapy clinic built in 2005 for the community and is now servicing even the surrounding areas. At this Henderson physical therapy clinic, health providers ensure to meet and surpass the needs and wants of those utilizing their services. With high commendations from patients, visit the clinic for a rewarding physical rehabilitation.

Tarah Snow's Practice

1710 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite #110, Henderson, NV 89012
Henderson Physical therapy practitioner, Tarah Snow, is the clinical director at Synergy Physical Therapy. Her continuing education to better serve physical therapy in Henderson NV since 2005 marks a truly devoted and passionate health provider of orthopedic issues, post-op physical rehabilitation, prepartum and postpartum health issues with women, balance and vestibular issues and neurological injuries.

Anthem Physical Therapy

11201 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 220, Henderson, NV 89052
The Anthem Physical Therapy in Henderson NV houses the superior team of professionals indicative of utmost clinical skills, compassion to improve one's quality of life and persuasion to achieve wellness. The people behind this Henderson physical therapy clinic encourage patients to work hand in hand with them every step of the way as their key point approach to a maximum functional recovery in a cost-effective manner.

Melanie Iwakawa's Practice

2790 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89052
Melanie Iwakawa is one of the brightest and sought after Henderson physical therapy provider of this generation.She develops and bases her treatment plans on her evaluation findings and patients' stated goals. She regards the person as an integrated being of mind, body and soul. Her practice includes services such as aquatic therapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and performance physical therapy in Henderson NV.

Henry Tran's Practice

4510 Saint Rose Parkway, Suite 7, Henderson, NV 89119
A very persuasive Henry Tran, together with his Henderson physical therapy colleagues, collaborate closely to increase general awareness and education towards strengthening the core of the body which can improve strength, flexibility and stability. Henry Tran's clinic for physical therapy in Henderson NV welcomes new patients. The office has been professionally designed, staffed and equipped to provide the best physiotherapy care possible.

Michael Plum's Practice

7301 Saint Rose Parkway, Suite 150, Henderson, NV 89128
Michael Plum is a preferred Henderson physical therapy services provider who treats patients of all ages: from birth to graceful aging and those with health-related conditions to reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. He treats lower back and neck pain, myofascial pain, headache, and arthritis to just name a few. His office for physical therapy in Henderson NV is an atmosphere of wellness and healing.

William Odonnell's Practice

1081 Swinford Court, Henderson, NV 89002
William O'Donnell is a brilliant Henderson physical therapy provider. He is a total package - courteous, supportive and professional. His scope is from injury rehabilitation to addressing and investigating various health issues that may be altering the physical or mental state of well-being. The facility in his clinic for comprehensive physical therapy in Henderson Nv has been newly constructed to incorporate an atmosphere of wellness.

Tricia Catalino's Practice

874 American Pacific Drive, Henderson, NV 89014
This amazing Henderson physical therapy provider for children, Tricia Catalino, has been in her practice for two decades and counting. Her passion on exceptional service, progressive treatment, and wealth of knowledge help kids improve their conditions through the rehabilitation processes. Her office for pediatric physical therapy in Henderson NV was designed to support the needs of these children.

Kristine Lim's Practice

1500 West Warm Springs Road, Henderson, NV 89014
Kristine Lim is a board-certified practitioner of physical therapy in Henderson NV who treats patients of all ages with health-related conditions reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. She provides comprehensive therapeutic intervention for clients and their families in a positive environment. As one top-notch provider in Henderson physical therapy clinics, she facilitates maximum functional recovery in a cost-effective manner and standard.

Janette Sutter's Practice

7660 Legacy Island Circle, Suite 114, Henderson, NV 89129
A unique package designed by Janette Sutter of combining rehabilitative premier physical therapy in Henderson Nv with proactive participation of the subject can deliberately guarantee wellness and healing. Janette Sutter's Henderson physical therapy clinic welcomes not just those with ailments or major afflictions but also for those who would want to advance their physical health and mental state of well-being.